A Wonderful, Positive Birth Story: Raphaela and Nina

Raphaela attended 2 terms of Daisy Birthing in Bebington on the Wirral with Tracy McGinn.  Here she shares her wonderful, positive birth story...

“I just would like to thank you for the amazing 12 weeks that helped me immensely in building the confidence I needed to give birth to my baby girl.

Nina was born at 12:01pm on 27th January, normal delivery, only on gas and air as pain relief.  It took 3 hours from the time I got to hospital to when I gave birth to Nina.  As you said during class, everything we learnt and practiced during the course would stay in our head during labour.  I could literally hear your voice saying: “you feel calm, you feel in control.”  The breathing techniques helped me in every step of the way to overcome each contraction.  The midwives said that my breathing was amazing.  And of course, with the OUT breath, and in all fours on the bed (a position I never thought would be one to give birth in before doing the course), Nina was born.

It was the most amazing experience to feel so in control of my body, knowing exactly what to do during all stages of labour.  I could never have done this so well without what I learned with you.  I am forever grateful, Tracy.  I wish you all the success and that you continue helping people as you helped me.  Raphaela xx”

Thank you so much for sharing your story Raphaela!

Daisy Birthing weekly classes combine gentle yoga based movements with antenatal education, breathing techniques, relaxation and birth hypnosis to enable you to work with your body when your birthing day arrives.  These fabulous women only classes provide a supportive environment in which you can make friends and feel your confidence growing as your pregnancy progresses.  To find your local Daisy Birthing class go to https://thedaisyfoundation.com/find-a-class/