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Antenatal and Baby Classes in Buckingham, Brackley, Towcester and surrounding areas

Welcome to The Daisy Foundation Buckingham, Brackley, Towcester and surrounding areas. The home of pregnancy and baby classes in Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire.

My name is Vicki and I am a Perinatal Educator with The Daisy Foundation, supporting hundreds of families in the local area since 2013.

As a mum of three, I understand the challenges new parents face.  I am passionate about providing classes that help new parents feel confident and informed throughout their parenting journey.

It was my own experiences of birth (which were all VERY different) that led me to become a Daisy Teacher.  With this in mind, I work hard to ensure my classes are evidence based and non-judgemental. Providing a safe space for you to explore your choices and make decisions that are right for you and your baby.

Being part of a supportive community is also important. Our classes provide plenty of opportunities to meet other local parents. Also supported with a Whats App group for each class and the opportunity to join our monthly Walk & Talk free sessions. We will help you find ‘your village’.

As well as Daisy Birth & Baby classes I am also a Birth & Postnatal Doula. I am also qualified in Aromatherapy for Childbirth, Holistic Sleep  & Starting Solids, allowing me to offer full continuity of care from 14 weeks of pregnancy to toddlerhood!

All our classes are held at our beautiful countryside studio near Stowe, Buckingham –  The Studio At Stowe

Antenatal Classes

    • Daisy Birthing  – A weekly antenatal class for pregnant people. Helping you to enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile and learn about your changing body. Our unique Active Antenatal method draws on elements of active birth, pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing & antenatal education to help you prepare for a confident birth.
    • Daisy Parent  – A comprehensive workshop for expectant parents.  Designed to ensure you have all the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby. Daisy Parent draws on elements of active birth, parent craft and traditional antenatal classes to create one very powerful combination.
    • Active Birth Workshop A workshop for expectant  parent and birth partner. Helping you understand thee stages of labour and how to use gravity to support your baby’s birth. Learn techniques such as breathing, active birth and massage, designed to help you both feel confident about birth.

Postnatal & Baby Classes

    • Daisy Mama –  A class for new mums up to 2 years postpartum. We take the best elements of postnatal yoga, mindfulness & relaxation to make this a truly relaxing class just for you. 
    • Daisy Baby Tinies  A weekly postnatal class for mum and baby in the fourth trimester. Helping you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby. Drawing on elements of baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal movement and baby care education to support you in the early weeks & months.
    • Daisy Baby Wrigglers  A weekly class for caregiver and baby. Learn how to use a variety of tools such as: baby massage, baby yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story & (baby) sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development whilst having fun together!
    • Daisy Baby Cruisers  – A weekly class for caregiver and baby. Learn how to use a variety of tools such as toddler yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story & (baby) sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development, whilst embracing the chaos!

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Thanks for reading & I hope to see you soon in class.

Vicki x

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