/ The Daisy Foundation with Terri Canning

The Daisy Continuity

You rarely get pregnant around the same time as your friends, especially first babies! So it can feel a bit overwhelming and you may not have the support you need. It can be even more apparent if you are the first one of your friends to fall pregnant too.

That’s why Daisy offers a continuity of care to help you navigate your way through your pregnancy and parenting journey, whether this is your first or fifth baby!

Daisy Birthing is the first step on your 1001 day perinatal Daisy journey, suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy. Enjoy pregnancy yoga-based movement and guided relaxations while learning antenatal education and breathing techniques to see you through each stage of your labour and more!

Then you can bring you birth partner along to our Daisy Active Birth Workshop where you have a safe space to help support each other and prepare for your confident birth. Learn how your birth partner can fully support you throughout your labour and inform themselves.

Or, if you are looking for the full antenatal and baby care package join me for 15 hours of all things pregnancy, labour and baby at Daisy Parent. A chance for you and your birth partner to work together to fully prepare not only for your upcoming  birth but also to understand how to care for your baby when they arrive. A safe space for you to discuss things you may not have considered together, and to help you make informed choices when the need arises.

But what about when baby is here?…..

This is the amazing thing about Daisy – we’re still here supporting you until your baby is around 2 years old.

Being a new mum can be an extremely anxious time, and add to that you wanting to attend baby classes but wondering how you can join in when you don’t know anyone.  Possibly questioning how you could possibly get through a class with a brand new baby – Will they cry? Will they sleep? Will they just feed? Will they need a change? Will anyone talk to me? and of course that little voice is screaming in your head “I don’t know what I’m doing!” “Everyone will have it all together and I’m just a mess!”

Well, when you attend a Daisy Baby class, you will have one familiar face – me! And anyone who knows me knows I love a chat! Each class always starts with asking you how you are so you will never walk into a room without knowing someone or without anyone speaking to you. As it is a safe space, soon the conversation will move onto how no-one knows what they’re doing and you will help each other realise that you are doing a fantastic job!

Part of Daisy Baby Tinies is to help you learn and connect with your baby, it is a completely baby-led class so if they need a feed, a change or a sleep go for it Each class is tailored to the babies and their needs at that time. And if they do cry, you’ll see a smile appear on my face – I just love the sound of babies crying.

When you move onto Daisy Baby Wrigglers and Cruisers, that’s when the fun really starts without losing the supportive nature of our classes. 

But that’s not all, Daisy Mama is affectionately know as our Daisy Birthing without the bump class – it’s an hour a week of lovely postnatal movement and relaxation just for you. To help you find you again.

Daisy is unique because we provide that continuity through pregnancy into parenting, but you don’t have to have attended one class or workshop to attend another. They all work separately and you can attend just one – or all of them. All of our classes can be accessed at any time, and you can miss some and come back!

You are supported from the moment you join the Daisy community, and you can hang around for as long as you’d like to!