/ The Daisy Foundation with Terri Canning

Why choose a Daisy class?

Who better to answer that question than mums that have previously attended my classes! 

“I have, like you say, been with Daisy for almost a year now – and at the start of those antenatal classes we could never have even imagined what was to follow. For that reason more than ever, having those sessions to retreat to for some calm and focus was so helpful. The Classes helped me feel prepared and so much more educated ahead of the Birth. To then have that familiarity and continuity with Daisy Tinies has been so lovely and meeting other mums has been great. Thanks for all your advice and making the online sessions so fun still. Can’t wait for wrigglers and to eventually get back in person!!” Laura


“Thank you so much for running such a brilliant course especially on Zoom at the moment. It’s been really helpful to consolidate what I learnt first time round so thank you and for all the advice and links with all the information” Laura

“Thank you Terri , it’s been so helpful and great to hear all your tips and tricks! I’ve found it so useful and feeling much better prepared now” Natalie

“WOW!” Laura

“Thank you. That was wonderful” Lucy

“I really enjoyed the class on Sunday. It was really relaxing and I’m looking forward to next week” Emma

“I really appreciated your emails with all the useful information and content.  I’ve enjoyed our class very much and was left with a full sense of gratitude for your support and that you arise as a part in my life in that important way – becoming mom. Thanks a million Terri – you and your team are doing great work” Tanya

“Thanks again for all the information. Really helpful to have a read through. Class was brilliant again last week. Looking forward to tomorrow” Laura


“I would 100% recommend this class to mums. I’ve had a great experience of bonding with my baby thanks to the classes, Learning lots of things to look out for with how my baby is communicating with me and understanding his developmental steps. Perfect for the 4th trimester x” Chloe

“Thanks so much for a fabulous time in Tinies. We have really loved it and found the advice so useful. Thanks so much for still running online and supporting us!” Laura

“We can’t wait to join you for wrigglers, we’ve loved attending your classes they’re such a lovely way to bond with Abbie and especially during the lockdown having that time each week to talk to other mums and forget about everything else and just enjoy special time with our babies” Rachael

“Thank you very much! And thank you for running amazing classes! I’ve enjoyed them so much and I think that Amaury has as well! We try to sing the daisy songs and do the activities at home every day and he always laughs and smiles!” Marjorie

“Thanks for some great classes” Alice

“Thank you for all your advice and we really enjoyed your classes” Gemma

“Me and Harry both love your classes” Lacey

“My baby and I have enjoyed Terri’s classes so much over the past few months! Whether in venue or online, each class is full of fun activities and songs. It’s been great to see how my baby has developed thanks to the Wrigglers classes. Terri’s a great, fun, knowledgable and supportive teacher and I will miss our classes now that my little one is starting nursery. The Daisy classes have been one of the few highlights of our weeks over the past few months. We will keep doing the activities at home. Thank you so much Terri”  Marjorie