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Kayleigh Burton

About My Classes

Antenatal classes, birthing classes and baby classes near Leeds with The Daisy Foundation: Garforth, Tadcaster and Selby

Kayleigh Burton offers antenatal classes, birthing classes and baby classes near Leeds. Choose from classes including baby preparation workshops, infant feeding/breastfeeding workshops, baby massage and baby yoga.

Expectant and new parents come to Kayleigh's antenatal and baby classes from across the Leeds, York, Selby and Tadcaster area, including from Garforth, Kippax, Sherburn, Hillam, Monk Fryston, Knottingley, South Milford and more.

Kayleigh shares her time between caring for her own young family, and building up this wonderfully supportive community of Daisy mamas. Her baby and antenatal classes offer you the full continuity of care and support, from those early weeks of pregnancy all the way through to a cruising baby!

Details of all classes can be found lower down this page. If you need any more information at all, please email You can also read reviews from other ladies and couples and follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Antenatal Classes and Birthing Classes:

Daisy Parent - A comprehensive workshop series for expectant parents designed to ensure you have all the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for birth and the early days of caring for your new baby. Our comprehensive Daisy Parent format draws on elements of active birth, parentcraft and traditional antenatal classes.  We cover everything from birth plans to massage in labour, informed choice to packing hospital bags and feeding your baby to changing their nappy.

Daisy Birthing - A weekly yoga-based antenatal class for pregnant ladies to help you enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile, learn about your changing body and prepare for a confident birth. Our Active Antenatal method draws on elements of active birth, pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and antenatal education. Suitable from 14 weeks pregnant.

Active Birth Workshop - A workshop for pregnant ladies and their birth partners that covers active birth, stages of labour, working with gravity to support your baby's birth, massage for labour, to help inform your own individual choices. We give you both the space to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your baby's birthing day.

Daisy Infant Feeding - A workshop for expectant parents to help understand your feeding choices, explore breastfeeding and bottle feeding options, cut through the myths and prepare for your own confident feeding journey. We cover everything from equipment to sterilisation, overcoming breastfeeding challenges to exploring other options.

Baby Classes:

Daisy Baby Tinies - A weekly postnatal class for mum and baby to help you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby. Covering everything from easing infant ailments, aiding their development, adapting to your postnatal body and easing in to your new role among friends.

Daisy Baby Wrigglers - A weekly class for mum and baby to help you learn how to use a variety of tools such as baby massage, baby yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story and baby sensory experiences to aid your baby's development, your connection and have fun together! Ideal for babies aged from around 4 months up to 11 months.

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