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For Daisy’s response to help keep you both safe and supported during this critical time please READ HERE. It is our absolute priority to ensure Coronavirus does not get in the way of expectant and new families accessing the level of education, support and community they deserve.

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From January 2021 due to the current national lockdown all classes are now being delivered virtually. We place your wellbeing and safety at the heart of what we do and are pleased to be able to operate virtually. Classes are scheduled for later in the year are scheduled to run in person with some options to attend virtually subject to Government advice.**

*Classes are available to book up to SPRING/SUMMER 2021, with limited spaces left in some antenatal courses. Advanced booking required. Covid-19 secure measures in place* 

The Daisy Foundation: Leicestershire exists to provide expectant mums and parents and new mums and babies with continuous perinatal support in those crucial first 1001 days. We offer a range of sessions from Daisy Birthing (our ground breaking yoga based relaxation course) to Daisy Parent (providing you with everything you need to prepare for birth and parenthood) to our gorgeous Tinies mum and baby classes  to wrigglers: a fun and bouncy baby yoga and story session.

You and your birth and parenting experience matter. We want to support you to have a positive pregnancy, preparing you for a confident birth and cutting through the overwhelm that can come from all the confusing advice out there! We provide you with evidence based and realistic support that is ongoing, not just on the course day but in the days after too.

What's more, many attend our classes to meet others. In all courses, there is time for you to talk, make friends and gain support without judgement in a relaxed setting. Many of those who attend have gone on to form solid friendships.

Our classes run in the centralised areas of Woodhouse Eaves, Sileby, Mountsorrel and Loughborough. These villages are easily accessible within a short drive from Leicester City Centre, Melton, Loughborough, Glenfield, Anstey, Groby and Coalville.

With a background in the NHS and private healthcare, family support and Law and as a mum of two and two step children, Amy is well equipped to help support you in the perinatal period. Amy is passionate about improving access to antenatal education and in helping women to achieve positive births. YOUR BIRTH MATTERS. It is Amy's goal to ensure couples in Leicester and Loughborough areas are informed and aware of their choices and that new parents, mums and babies have the support they need in the first 1001 days.

With the help of Amy and in the safety of your Daisy community you can positively impact your whole 1001 day journey of continuous perinatal support.

At present Amy offers the following classes:

Daisy Birthing: A weekly antenatal class for expectant mums from 14 weeks to full term to help you enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile and active, learn about changing body abd baby and prepare for a confident birth. Our unique Active Antenatal method draws on elements of active birth, pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and antenatal education to create one very powerful combination. From easing pregnancy ailments, adapting to your changing body, preparing for birth and informing your own individual choices - we have you covered! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or third baby, this class is for all.

Active Birth Workshop - A workshop for mum and her birth companion that will not only cover all of the basics of antenatal education and an active, informed birth but also give you both the space to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your babys birthing day. Our unique Active Antenatal Birth Method draws on elements of traditional active birth, hypnobirthing and antenatal education to create one very powerful combination. From understanding the stages of labour to working with gravity to support your babys birth, massage for labour, rebozo and informing your own individual choices we have got you covered!

Daisy Parent - A comprehensive workshop series for expectant parents designed to ensure you have all of the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby. Our entirely comprehensive Daisy Parent format draws on elements of active birth, hypnobirthing, parentcraft and traditional antenatal classes to create one very powerful combination. From birth plans to massage in labour, informed choice to packing hospital bags and feeding your baby to changing their nappy - we have got you covered!

Daisy Baby Tinies: A weekly postnatal class for mum and baby in the fourth trimester to help you learn how to use baby massage, yoga and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby. Our unique fourth trimester mum and baby class draws on baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal movement and baby care education and  feeding support to create one very powerful combination. From easing infant ailments, aiding their development, adapting to your postnatal body and easing in to your new role amongst friends - we have got you covered!

Daisy Baby Wrigglers: A weekly class for mum and baby to help you learn how to use a variety of tools such as: baby massage, yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story and (baby) sensory experiences to aid your baby's development, your connection and have fun together! Our unique mum and baby class draws on elements of baby massage, yoga, rhythm, song and rhyme as well as sensory activities and experiences to create a powerful combination that ignites baby senses aids development and promotes bonding. From easing infant ailments, aiding development, growing your connection and learning about babys key stages amongst friends and making new ones - we have got you covered!

If you are interested in booking any of the courses please click on the links below and follow the steps to book.

Amy looks forward to supporting you in pregnancy and parenthood and meeting you soon.

Please get in touch if you have any questions as Amy would be happy to help and support you. Call 074321354360 or email:


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