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Why Do People Love Daisy classes?

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What makes Daisy classes so great?!

If you’re like me then you’ll like to read reviews before committing to a purchase or booking (I have lost many hours to the reviews section on Amazon!) so if you’re looking to book an antenatal class or a baby massage or yoga class in the Portsmouth area, read on to see what others say about Daisy Birthing and Daisy Baby classes.

These are just a small selection of reviews of Daisy classes. To read more head over to our Facebook page.


“I can’t recommend Sarah’s antenatal classes enough – I booked due to a recommendation from my sister in law who also couldn’t sing her praises loud enough. I also booked before Covid kicked off so we unexpectedly had our classes over zoom. I was unsure whether I liked the idea of online video classes for several reasons, but they were fab. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything as Sarah still ran through the classes as if we were all in the same room. The techniques I learned from Sarah during the classes without a doubt were what got me through my first labour with my daughter. I don’t think my experience would have been anywhere near as positive if I hadn’t taken the class. We also had (and still have) a what’s app group where everyone from the class still chats and offers support along with Sarah! Thank you for the fab class, if I’m lucky enough to be pregnant again, I will definitely return to brush up on the techniques!”


“I attended Daisy Birthing antenatal classes earlier in the year and can not recommend them enough to expecting mums! The classes involve elements of hypnobirthing, yoga, an informative segment about birth and an amazing relaxation! I always slept so well after the classes and it gave me such an amazing chance to take some time to connect with my baby. The classes were so informative and I finished the term feeling really positive about my birth. Each week, Sarah would focus on an aspect of labour (induction, dilation, contractions, pain relief etc). What I loved about the antenatal classes is that they equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to make choices that worked for me. During my labour and throughout my third trimester I was able to use this knowledge and felt confident to discuss my options with the midwives at the hospital. My 3 month old and I now attend Daisy Tinies baby massage classes. While these lessons are run via Zoom, the content is of such a high quality and I look forward to connecting with other mums every week. The sessions focus on baby massage, songs to sing to, information on post-natal care for both baby and mum and a relaxation at the end. Sarah provides lots of information on the fourth trimester – something I had never heard of before, however, learning about this really helped me understand how my baby was behaving in the first few months. The sessions have been fantastic for me and I am looking forward to continuing future classes with Sarah! Thank you!”


“I can’t recommend the Daisy classes enough. When my first daughter was born I attended groups with her and loved them and when I found out Sarah also did the Daisy Birthing antenatal class I knew that when I fell pregnant with my second daughter that I wanted to attend. The classes were run online due to Covid however I do not feel that they were any less beneficial because of this. Each week I really looked forward to having this bit of me time and getting to meet (even if it was online) other expectant mums. When it came to my birth I couldn’t have had a more positive experience and I really believe that Sarah’s class played a huge part of making it as lovely as it was. It was the breathing techniques she taught us and other knowledge she had shared that really helped me through my labour. Thank you Sarah I can’t wait to start our online Daisy Baby massage class soon.”


“I absolutely loved going to the weekly pregnancy class with the Daisy Foundation. I first attended the Daisy Birthing antenatal classes, as my first labour was pretty traumatic and felt this time I would like more information on how to prepare for my second baby. The group was amazing and I continued you on to the next classes, Daisy Baby Tinies and finished with Daisy Baby Wrigglers. I felt so sad to leave as some of the women, I had been going to group with since the very beginning! Sarah who leads the class is just fantastic, she’s very calming, kind and has this fantastic relaxing vibe. I highly recommend the Daisy Foundation to all new/potential mums.”


“I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled upon Daisy Birthing with Sarah when I was pregnant – it was the perfect antenatal class to attend for many reasons: class size is ideal and meant that I was able to form friendships and really talk about all the worries/excitement leading up to the birth in an intimate setting. Sarah went above and beyond to reassure us as a group and would find out things we were unsure of if she didn’t know herself; she created a calm and trusting atmosphere. The breathing techniques I learned were incredible and were the main reason I was able to labour at home for so long before going into hospital. Needless to say I booked on to Tinies baby massage when Matilda was born and took her from 6 weeks – she has now recently made the leap to Wrigglers yoga (as she can’t stay still for the baby massage anymore!) Each class has a lovely structure whilst remaining relaxed and very much baby led which is so reassuring as there is zero judgement. Matilda loves all the stimulating props and sensory segments that differ each week! I could go on and on but, simply put, I could not rate Sarah and the Daisy Foundation at Portsmouth more highly and would recommend the classes to any mums and mums-to-be!”


“I attended all three groups with Sarah from Tinies to Cruisers. As a first time mum I was nervous about attending my first baby group but Sarah made her classes very welcoming. My daughter absolutely enjoyed her time and loved finding out what was in the box each week. We are definitely missing this fab group. Thank you Sarah for providing such a wonderful and nurturing class.”