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Daisy Parent is a comprehensive and flexible workshop series for expectant parents designed to ensure you have all the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby.

When it comes to preparing for your baby’s birth and caring for their needs in the early days, any number of emotions can overwhelm us. There are so many confusing guides, check lists, shopping lists, experts and education that it can be hard to know where to start, let alone be on the same page with your partner!

Daisy Parent helps you and your partner not only prepare for a confident birth but prepare for confident parenting in the early days of caring for your newborn baby. This key step of your continuous perinatal support takes the best elements of traditional antenatal classes and parent preparation classes and wraps all of these together in a powerful workshop experience that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can do this together.

Our entirely comprehensive Daisy Parent format draws on elements of active birth, hypnobirthing, parentcraft and traditional antenatal classes to create one very powerful combination. From birth plans to massage in labour, informed choice to packing hospital bags and feeding your baby to changing their nappy we’ve got you covered.

Daisy Parent classes are for expectant mums and their co-parent, are suitable to attend from the third trimester, and are adapted to suit all pregnancy related conditions, birth plans and parenting choices with ease.

The Daisy Parent course can be booked as any of these three workshops or you can combine them all to do the complete course.

Workshop 1 – The Daisy Parent Birth Workshop – £110

In this workshop, we cover traditional antenatal education combined with looking at induction and medical interventions in an understandable way should your birth take that route. This combination ensures you are actively informed and prepared to make choices for you and your baby on your birthing day. We teach evidence-based education that is inclusive of all birth preference and parenting methods.

You’ll learn all about labour, how your body works and what you can do make sure you are in control and have a positive experience. Breathing, massage, positions can all help. You’ll understand how you can use movement and positions to help baby into the best position before and during labour.

The workshop is run over 3 Tuesday evenings (6:00 – 8:20pm)

Workshop 2 – The Daisy Parent Infant Feeding Workshop – £35

In this workshop, we cover all aspects of feeding from breastfeeding, to bottlefeeding, combination feeding and expressing.  You will learn how to attach a baby correctly to the breast and how to check that they are latched on properly, the common challenges, hunger cues, how to sterilise equipment and responsive feeding.

This workshop is run over 1 Tuesday evening (6:00 – 8:20pm)

Workshop 3 – The Daisy Parent Baby & Postnatal Workshop – £75

In this workshop, practical baby care demonstrations are delivered alongside unbiased education on parenting choices, safety and baby calming techniques, allowing you to feel prepared for the arrival and care of baby.  We cover a range of aspects such as the fourth trimester, recovering from birth, caring for your baby (bathing, cord care and changing baby), crying and colic, calming techniques, sleeping and safety.

This workshop is run over 2 Tuesday evenings (6:00 – 8:20pm)

The Full Daisy Parent Course – £195 (saving £25 compared to buying the workshops individually)

The Full Daisy Parent course is 14 hours in total and is delivered over 6 weeks (6:00 – 8:20pm).  It combines all of the three workshops.

As the classes are run over 6 weeks, please ensure that you don’t book too late.

Your classes are held on Tuesday weekday evenings  (6:00-8.20pm)  throughout the year with new participants joining us at the beginning of each workshop start date.

Daisy Parent classes are at The Place, Oakengates Theatre, Limes Rd, Oakengates, Telford, TF2 6EP.

Please contact me on if you would like more information.

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Waiting List – Tuesday 2nd February – Full Daisy Parent Course, Waiting List – Tuesday 2nd of February – Daisy Parent Birth Workshop, Waiting List – Tuesday 22nd February – Daisy Parent Infant Feeding Workshop, Waiting List – Tuesday 2nd March – Daisy Parent Baby & Postnatal Workshop, Waiting List – Tuesday 16th March – Full Daisy Parent Course, Waiting List – Tuesday 16th March – Daisy Parent Birth Workshop, Waiting List – Tuesday 20th April – Daisy Parent Infant Feeding Workshop, Waiting List – Tuesday 27th April – Daisy Parent Baby & Postnatal Workshop

Daisy Parent Telford


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Due to the current uncertainty, classes may be postponed or moved to online.  Therefore, I am taking potential bookings through a waiting list rather than paid bookings.  Please book a space on the waiting list below.  No payment will be needed.  I wil contact you closer to the time with an update as to whether they will be running or on the format that the classes will be running in.  Payment will be then be taken if you are happy to continue.

In line with government guidance we are now scheduling your local classes online via zoom.

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