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For Daisy’s response to help keep you both safe and supported during this critical time please READ HERE. It is our absolute priority to ensure Coronavirus does not get in the way of expectant and new families accessing the level of education, support and community they deserve.

Daisy Parent Antenatal and baby course (Full weekend course) Loughborough

Class Description

Daisy Parent antenatal course is designed for expectant parents and is a split between birth preparation and practical baby care equally; whilst giving you the opportunity to meet other parents to be with similar due dates.

The classes cover a combination of:

♥️Antenatal and active birth education
♥️Movement, relaxation and hypnobirthing
♥️Parenting choices and parent-craft
♥️Practical baby care and safety ♥️Baby calming techniques
♥️Comprehensive breastfeeding  preparation as well as feeding choices

Our entirely comprehensive Daisy Parent format draws on elements of active birth, hypnobirthing, parentcraft and traditional antenatal classes to create one very powerful combination. From birth plans to massage in labour, informed choice to packing hospital bags and feeding your baby to changing their nappy and safety tips – we’ve got you covered. This course really does cover it all.

The classes allow you to feel prepared not only for birth, but for the arrival and care of baby too. We know that many parents especially first time parents want to attend a class that covers it all whilst meeting new friends and that’s why this course exists.

Your first day will focus on labour and birth and will cover the following:

♥️Birth plans and the hospital bag

♥️Stages of labour – what happens, what to do, signs and symptoms etc

♥️ Active Birth Education and techniques

❤️Movement for labour

♥️ Assisted Birth (forceps, ventouse and c sections)

♥️ What happens when things don’t go to plan

♥️ Informed choice

♥️Breathing techniques

♥️Pain relief options

♥️Birth partner techniques and knowledge

♥️Physiology and hormones of Labour

♥️Massage, rebozo and relaxation

♥️Delayed cord clamping

♥️The golden hour after birth

♥️Postnatal checks for mum and baby including vitamin K and skin to skin contact.

The following day is all about postnatal and baby care and includes:

♥️Postnatal care

♥️ Practical information on what to buy, the nursery etc

♥️ Understanding why baby cries and what you can do

♥️Calming and soothing techniques

♥️Winding techniques and understanding wind, colic and reflux and other feeding concerns

♥️Holding baby

♥️Practical baby care such as washing, dressing, bathing and nappy care.



♥️Safety and basic first aid such as recognizing illness

♥️The fourth trimester

♥️Early days with baby

♥️Feeding choices including breast, bottle, combination, sterilisation and expressing.

❤️Self care

❤️Postnatal well-being and recovery

The two days will leave you feeling ready for birth and parenthood.

Will I make friends?

Of course! (If you want to) our courses are a fantastic way to make friends with other parents to be. There is time to talk to others and share experiences as well as the chance to form part of a WhatsApp group before leaving and a postnatal reunion arranged after all of your babies have arrived.


Who is the class for?

These classes are suitable for all birth plans and parenting choices, whether this is your first baby or not.

Term duration and timings:

Classes run every month over a weekend in Woodhouse near Loughborough. Easily accessible from Leicester, Loughborough, Ashby and Coalville and surrounding towns and villages. It is easily accessible across Leicestershire  within 30 minutes.

Private sessions are available tailored to your needs. Please email Amy for further information.

We recommend securing your class in advance as early in your pregnancy as after your scan as places do fill up with many couples booking far in advance!

Who should attend Daisy Parent antenatal classes:

Daisy Parent classes are designed for mums and their birth partners and are ideally suited from 25 weeks pregnant onwards whether it’s your first or third baby.

They are a really popular choice for parents to be, particularly first time parents who are looking for one class that covers all they need for birth and baby plus some extras! As well as ongoing support from the antenatal teacher, a community group for support, friendship from the group members attending too! This course covers all bases!

To secure a place please book online in advance. Places do fill up. People book anytime after their first scan. 

See you soon x

Additional information

Weekend Workshops 2021

19-20 March, 10-11th April, 22nd – 23rd May, 19th – 20th June, 10th – 11th July, 28th – 29th August, 11th – 12th Sept

Daisy Parent Antenatal and baby course (Full weekend course) Loughborough


In line with Government guidance, we are now able to schedule your local classes in person once more from 17th May 2021 (subject to change with Government guidance). 

Until this time, all bookings will be delivered virtually via Zoom, which has worked very well.

There is also an option to attend online classes for those who cannot attend face to face or do not wish to. 

Should the Government guidance change at any time, that prevents us from delivering your class or workshop in person, we will revert back to online teaching via the ZOOM platform that has worked very well.”


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