Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For Daisy’s response to help keep you both safe and supported during this critical time please READ HERE. It is our absolute priority to ensure Coronavirus does not get in the way of expectant and new families accessing the level of education, support and community they deserve.

Bespoke Packages, Bundles and Private Classes

Class Description

Why book a bespoke package?

We know there are LOTS of reasons why a tailored package might be more suitable.

  • If you aren’t able to attend the regular weekly class or the workshop dates don’t suit
  • Perhaps you would prefer to work one to one for any or all of the classes and workshops instead of being in a group session
  • Maybe you would like to pay for antenatal and postnatal class bundles before maternity leave begins
  • Or you have a group that have done antenatal classes together and would like to book a private baby class just for you

Bespoke packages include one to one sessions, antenatal and postnatal bundles and private classes and can be booked in the evenings, week days and weekends subject to availability. To find out more and check dates please contact me directly using the contact details below to find out more.  Kathryn

Bespoke Packages, Bundles and Private Classes


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