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Antenatal Classes in Shrewsbury with The Daisy Foundation – BOOK YOUR WEEKLY CLASS HERE

Class Description

Pregnant? Looking for Antenatal Classes in Shrewsbury?

Try Daisy Birthing with The Daisy Foundation. The booking link for this class has moved – you can reserve your place by clicking here:

Or read on for more information about the classes.

I teach Daisy Birthing antenatal classes in Shrewsbury. A wonderful opportunity to gently move, breathe and relax your way through pregnancy and birth.

I am resuming teaching in person – please contact me for more details!

Antenatal Classes in 2021

Are you looking for a course of positive and relaxing antenatal classes in Shrewsbury?  One that includes movement, breathing and relaxation techniques to support you through pregnancy and birth?  Something that will tie together the principles of birth hypnosis, yoga-based movement and active birth techniques?

Daisy Birthing brings all these elements together in a comfortable, accessible class.  No matter your fitness level or whether you have had a baby before. Even if you are experiencing some discomfort or medical condition, it’s very likely I will be able to adapt the class for you.

To book your course of antenatal classes:

  1. Choose your start date from the drop down menu
  2. Customise your course to suit your needs
  3. Complete the booking form

Weekly Class Details

The sessions are held in Radbrook Community Centre on Fridays, beginning at 6.30PM. Allow 90 minutes, so that there is time for me to answer your questions.

Advance booking is essential.  This is so that I can make sure the class is not over-booked.  I want to avoid that because it makes it harder to ensure everyone stays safe and comfortable throughout.  I also want to make sure it’s small and personal so that it’s a good opportunity to make friends.  All attendees using the attached booking form means that I will be aware of any medical concerns ahead of time and will be able to adapt the class if you need me to.  For health and safety reasons, it is also really important that I have an emergency contact for everyone, just in case.

These classes are pregnancy focused, so they are specifically for mums-to-be. (If you are looking for something your partner to attend with you, I also run workshops which are ideal! See below for details. You can add a workshop when you book your course.)

What is included? 

  • We combine movement, breathing and relaxation.  All alongside practical information about birth and maternity care, so that you feel fully informed and confident.
  • The class includes three breathing techniques. These are to help you through the different stages of birth.  They work well alongside medical help. Each one  is completely transferable in different situations. They are also useful antenatally and postnatally, so I am confident you will be able to draw on them no matter what kind of birth you have.
  • I make time to answer any questions as best as I can, because it is really important to me that you know all your options. I also try to allow time for you to gel as a group, because peer support through pregnancy and the newborn phase are vital!
  • Most antenatal classes teach in the traditional way, which means that the information goes “out of the window” when it counts. I repeat information alongside movement and breathing. This is important to build muscle memory. We want to ensure the techniques are there for you when you need them most! Just like riding a bike or driving a car… You won’t have to think about it!
  • We practise movements that help facilitate smooth, efficient dilation and descent. This is so important, because the more you practise, the more your muscle memory builds, and the more easily you will be able to draw on these techniques during birth.
  • There is unconditional peer to peer support for your birth choices. This is really central to how I run the classes, because I really believe every parent deserves this.  No matter what kind of birth you expect, or how you hope it will unfold.

Benefits of Movement in Pregnancy

The benefits of gentle movement in pregnancy have been well documented.  Here’s one article exploring some of those benefits!  Unless you or your baby have special considerations that preclude a yoga-type class, your midwife or doctor will most likely be supportive of you attending.

I include each movement purposely to directly benefit you:

  • Ease common pregnancy aches and pains, like back ache, heartburn and swelling.
  • We do this by using flowing movement to release tight muscles, create space and bring balance.
  • Gently prepare your body for birth
  • Help you manage when adrenaline rises, so that you can stay as calm as possible
  • Facilitate dilation, so that your labour can be as efficient as possible
  • Week by week, we work to align your body.  This helps you to be more comfortable. It also encourages your baby to find their best position, which means they are more likely to be born more easily.
  • Enable your baby’s smooth smooth descent.

My aim is to help you navigate your choices and support you, no matter what you decide. There is no wrong way to have a baby!  How ever your pregnancy and birth unfolds….  Whether you hope for a waterbirth at home surrounded by familiarity and creature comforts, or a positive and gentle caesarean birth – or anything in between!

I am really confident you’ll finish your course knowing that you can do this – because you’ll have a range of tools to help you stay calm and focused.  You and your baby are amazing.  Your birth can be amazing, too. You can give your baby the best birth possible. I want to help you to do that, because you and your baby deserve it.

Birth Partner Workshop 

Are you looking for something your partner can attend with you?   I also run active birth workshops.

These are ideal in the third trimester, because there is time for you to absorb and process the information and discuss things with your midwife or doctor if necessary.  But also near enough to your birth date that it will still be fresh in your minds when the time comes.

There is no movement involved, although there is a significant danger of cake.  I make them informal, positive and info-based. Any birth partner is welcome, but I deliver this material particularly with Dads in mind. It’s practical and solution-oriented.  I love teaching this class, because it elevates his role from “hand holder” to an integral part of the process.  This is the class I wish we had been able to attend when we were first time parents!

There is an option on the drop down menu to book your worshop alongside your weekly course. These are normally £80, but there is a discount if you choose this option (booking together).

The next one is scheduled for 23rd October and spaces are limited.   I will keep this page updated with more dates, so watch this space!

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Antenatal Classes in Shrewsbury with The Daisy Foundation – BOOK YOUR WEEKLY CLASS HERE



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