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Antenatal Class in Shrewsbury with The Daisy Foundation – BOOK YOUR ONE DAY WORKSHOP HERE

Class Description

Pregnant?  Looking for an antenatal class in Shrewsbury?

If you are looking for an antenatal class in Shrewsbury for mums-to-be and birth partners, this workshop is for you.

It is positive and practical, so that you leave feeling confident and prepared, with the tools to have the best birth possible. This is important to me, because this is something all parents (and  babies) deserve, no matter what kind of birth is expected. From c-section to home birth, and everything in between!

Antenatal class details

Venue: Radbrook Community Centre

Start Time: 10.30AM (4hrs)

The class is informal, positive and information based.

Spaces are limited, so advanced booking is essential!  Please complete the booking form to reserve your place.  This is important so that the class is not overbooked, and I have time to address your questions as thoroughly as possible.

I’ve included more details for you below.

When is the best time to attend this antenatal class?

Any time in the third trimester is ideal – preferably beyond 28 weeks.  This is because I want you to have time to process the information, and discuss things with each other and your doctor or midwife – but we also want the info to be fresh in your mind as you get closer to giving birth.

Who is it for?

Any birth partner is welcome, but the class is designed particularly with Dads in mind. This is important because it elevates his role from “hand holder” to an integral part of the process. I remember antenatal classes when I was pregnant… They often left the dads out in the cold, and on the day they end up feeling a bit of a spare part. I think that is a terrible shame, so the whole class is designed to avoid that happening! It is practical and solution-oriented, so that dads are no longer bugged by the question: “…ok, but what do I DO?”

What is included? 

  • I cover all three Daisy breathing techniques in detail. (Each one is for a different stage of birth.)
  • We will discuss practical information about birth and maternity care so you have a thorough understanding of the options available to you.
  • I’ll share with you tools to help you both stay calm and focused so you can keep your adrenalin low when it counts!
  • We will also cover concrete, practical things the birth partner can do. This includes ways to increase comfort levels, improve baby’s position and facilitate dilation – so that he can play an active role in making your labour as smooth and efficient as possible.
  • You can expect unconditional peer to peer support for your birth choices, no matter what kind of birth you are planning for.

Movement based classed for pregnancy

This workshop does not include movement or relaxation. If you would like a movement based class for mums to be, to ease common pregnancy ailments, a course of Daisy Birthing would be perfect!

Daisy Birthing is a weekly antenatal class in Shrewsbury, specifically for mums to be. You can find more information about that and book here:

Together, the workshop and the weekly classes make up a complete course of birth preparation. (There is a discount if you book both together.)


Expectant parents often arrive looking worried and express anxiety about labour.  What if something goes wrong?  What if I can’t cope?  This is completely understandable, so my aim is to directly address your concerns. I’m always happy to see the difference when they leave!  They look relaxed and confident and often express newfound excitement about their upcoming birth.

I pack a lot of information into the four hours and I’m convinced that most people will learn something interesting and helpful, and leave with a toolkit to help them realise their goals.

I am really confident that this preparation will improve your chances of a positive birth.

Both of you will leave your workshop feeling confident. You will have the knowledge to make informed choices. You’ll feel empowered to be an active participant in your birth. You will feel able to be actively engaged in your care. And I will be very happy to support and encourage you every step of the way.

If you also book a weekly class, this will leave you feeling rested and confident, and tackle pregnancy aches and pains. It will also encourage your baby into a good position, while preparing your body for birth and building muscle memory. All the skills we teach are transferable – so you can still use them if things don’t go as smoothly as we all hope and expect.

I also offer birth support, so I have seen these techniques in action… I have seen how well they work!

For more information: 

If you are looking for any antenatal classes in Shrewsbury, feel free to get in touch by phone or text.

You are also welcome to contact me via email, but please be aware I do check it less frequently!

I am also on Facebook here:


Additional information

Workshop date

27th June, 25th July, 29th August, 26th September

Add a weekly movement based class (RRP£72)

Yes, please book me on to the next course (discount included), I'm not sure, I'd like more information, No thank you

Antenatal Class in Shrewsbury with The Daisy Foundation – BOOK YOUR ONE DAY WORKSHOP HERE


Antenatal class in Shrewsbury.


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