Pregnancy Yoga

There are so many versions of pregnancy yoga now, being adapted in to many styles and inspiring new modalities every day. Mind/Body Movement of this type can be seen in activities like Tai Chi, Qi Kung and even more modern activities like Body Balance and of course our own Active Antenatal Daisy Birthing method.

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What are the benefits of Pregnancy yoga and other Mind/Body movement techniques?

The practice of mind/body movement activities will help to improve things like strength, balance, mindfulness and flexibility while decreasing stress and tension in the body and mind. Research has shown regular Yoga practice for example to be beneficial to people with high blood pressure while helping to combat heart disease, anxiety and depression.

The different movements in our Active Antenatal classes help to promote better blood circulation throughout the body. By improving circulation, you will be improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients around the body which will directly benefit your unborn baby.

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How can Yoga-based movements help me during pregnancy?

  • It doesn't matter whether you have taken part in yoga during pregnancy, active birth or any other movement based class before or not, everyone is welcome to join and take part.
  • Our trained and experienced teachers will begin at a comfortable pace and make sure classes are tailored to suit each person's individual needs, stage of pregnancy and birth plans.
  • If you are expecting, but would still like to keep fit and active, taking up yoga-based movement while pregnant is a common way to do so, and in fact it has become to go-to activity during pregnancy.
  • Practicing pregnancy yoga-based movements is a simple and easy process, which gives a number of different benefits to both mind and body. Our pregnancy yoga based movements and sequences are tailored to help prevent and ease pregnancy symptoms, bring awareness to your changing posture and create space for your growing baby. Weekly classes help bring physical balance to encourage optimum position for your baby’s birth and promote an awareness of how to release within your body during labour. Our Active Antenatal method draws on elements of traditional pregnancy yoga, adding active birth and traditional antenatal education along with birth hypnosis to give you a multi-facited class meeting all your pregnancy and birth preparation needs.

Stresses, anxiety and nausea

Breathing and meditation techniques help to aid relaxation and reduce stress levels in the body, which is a very beneficial practice during pregnancy. Lowering stress levels will help you achieve a much better nights sleep and will also help to prevent things like headaches, migraines and nausea, which are commonplace during pregnancy.

Aches, pains and digestion

Physically, pregnancy can be a very stressful and uncomfortable time for a woman, with the body going through a wide variety of different of discomforts, such as the aches and pains in muscles and joints, as well as unpleasant problems arising from digestive issues. The different movements and positions practised during Yoga and your Daisy Birthing classes will keep your body balanced and flexible, which can help to sooth any joint pains or muscle irritations. Yoga focusses heavily on promoting a positive and healthy posture, which will ease the common issue of back pain during pregnancy, in fact posture and balance are at the core of your Daisy Birthing class experience.

Digestive concerns are another common nuisance during pregnancy, with constipation affecting many expectant mothers. Performing the various different lengthening and opening techniques and reducing tension in the stomach muscles helps re-energise the body into ridding itself of toxins and waste products, helping to aid digestive health and promote better bodily flow.

Pregnancy Yoga During Childbirth

Our pregnancy yoga based classes will also stand you in good stead for when the big day finally arrives, and you will be much more prepared for child birth having practised our Active Antanatal method. You will understand how the use of position can aid babies descent, how the use of breathing techniques will allow for more efficient contractions and endorphin release, and how you can tune in to your body to allow a more positive birth experience.

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