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Pregnancy and new parent – useful resources – support & information

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I am going to drop a set of links to some really useful information for you if you are looking for support / education / information regarding many topics related to pregnancy and parenting a new baby.

Firstly – a tiddly bit about me and the support I can offer you. My name is Nici and I am a Perinatal educator with The Daisy Foundation in the Somerset area. I run an array of pregnancy classes, birth preparation courses and postnatal / baby classes. Beyond the classes we have the most wonderful community of Daisy Mums always ready to support you, advise you and meet for coffee & cake ;0) If you live in South Somerset you can find all the info about your local classes here

Useful resources

Perinatal Mental Health  

PANDAS  –  A community offering peer-to-peer support for you, your family and your network. Information on Mental Health in pregnancy and the postnatal period.

MIND  –  Mental health charity.

Don’t forget your local mental health support and services. For Somerset click Here 

Feeding support

National Breastfeeding Helpline

Association of breastfeeding mothers

Unicef guide to bottle feeding  –  Also links to formula feeding and responsive bottle feeding.

Other helpful resources  –  Lucy Webber Lactation consultant  –  La Leche League

Safe sleep information – and – Normal infant sleep

Lullaby Trust safe sleep guide  –  Safer sleep for babies & support for families.

BASIS  –  For parents who wish to make informed choices about infant sleep and night time care.

Your rights in pregnancy, birth & beyond – Includes workplace

Birth Rights UK  –  Birth rights UK is dedicated to ensuring women receive the respect and dignity they deserve in pregnancy and childbirth.

Aims  –  Women supporting women, for a better birth.

Maternity Action  –  UKs leading charity committed to ending inequality and improving the health and wellbeing of pregnant women, partners and young children.

Pregnant then screwed  –  Leading charity working to end the Motherhood penalty. We campaign on issues that impact pregnant women and working mums.

I hope you have found these useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need further support or signposting, there is SO much information out there and it can be rather overwhelming.

You can find me on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thedaisyfoundation.yeovil.wincanton.sherborne

You can email me – nici-fulton@thedaisyfoundation.com

Or you can contact me via phone, text, WhatssApp – 07791730123

Thank you for visiting, take care – Nici x

/ The Daisy Foundation with Nici Fulton

Antenatal class reviews – why people love The Daisy Foundation

Antenatal class reviews – The Daisy Foundation

Are you like me, always looking for a good set of reviews before taking the plunge?

And to be fair, choosing the right antenatal class is one of the most important choices we can make…we understand this at The Daisy Foundation, so here’s a snapshot of the reviews available on the website and individual teachers Facebook pages.

Why is your choice of antenatal classes important?

We can’t predict what one birth journey will look like from the next. So, it’s a bit like going in to the unknown, and whilst some people choose that the less they know the better, we actually know that knowledge is power when it comes to birth satisfaction and supporting mental health around birth trauma.

So in my opinion, what should feature top of your pregnancy/baby list, trumping travel systems and latest baby gadgets? Answer – BIRTH EDUCATION – Antenatal classes hands down, all day long!

Oh and let’s not forget the importance of finding the right style of class, the best content to suit you, a teacher who you vibe off of. These matter too, bit like choosing the right counsellor, you need to gel. Same for your birth education provider…a good one will offer a continuity of care and support, you need to feel comfortable with them and trust them.

antenatal class reviews

Antenatal class reviews – The Daisy Foundation nationwide – what are people saying about their experiences with us? 


antenatal reviews Review for Daisy Birthing Daisy tinies class reviews class reviews daisy foundation antenatal class reviews Daisy Foundation

Daisy Local – Antenatal class reviews – What’s being said about Daisy Foundation classes in the Yeovil area?

Below are some examples of reviews you can find over on my Facebook page, you can visit the page to read them in full, if you wish to, by clicking Here

“Nici has a wealth of knowledge! Non judgemental and supportive, so glad we decided to book antenatal classes through her and Daisy. Feel well informed in the run up to our due date and on speaking with others, better informed than most! Looking forward to catching up with the rest of our group when we have a tiny baby army ☺️ Will use Daisy and Nici in particular for more groups when baby is born!”  Anna & Jon

I’ve done most of a term of the Daisy Birthing class with Nici, as well as the Active Birth workshop. I’ve been so impressed. My GP husband and I got a huge amount out of the workshop, and feel much more positive and prepared for the birth of our second baby, following a difficult time with our first.

I feel so much more informed this time around, despite spending a large amount last time on an NCT course. The Daisy ethos is so positive and accepting, and Nici is an amazing teacher. I would thoroughly recommend any of Nici’s classes to all expectant parents”   Katie Pearce

“Would fully recommend the 6 week Daisy birthing classes to anyone who would like to understand the science behind birthing and the different options available to you. Nici is extremely supportive, a great teacher and puts the class at ease. I was part of Nici’s first group that was done through Zoom right from week 1 and it has worked well. Though not the same as meeting each other in person, we were encouraged to share how we’ve been feeling etc which has turned into a great support network especially in these days of the pandemic. My husband and I also did the Active birth workshop which was invaluable & I know he feels a lot more prepared now! Thanks Nici 🙂”   Amy McGregor

“I was recommended to Nici by my sister in law and I’m so glad. Nici very kindly organised a zoom call focusing mainly on C sections as I’ve had major anxieties over my up and coming elective section. Nici made me feel so at ease from the very beginning and I’ve come away feeling so much happier and more prepared for what’s to come. Can’t remember her enough”   Sam Pool

“I did the 6 week daisy birthing course with Nici and it was excellent in preparing me for birth. The breathing exercises and relaxation was really useful. The support from Nici and the other daisy mums has also been invaluable. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about birth in a safe supported setting”   Zoe Belcher

“I did the daisy birthing class with Nici prior to having my second son. After a difficult first birth I was nervous about labour the second time the 6 week course gave me a really good insight into what happened with my first and helped me to prepare for the second. I used all the breathing techniques during my labour and found them really helpful and my second labour was a much more enjoyable experience. Nici continues to provide invaluable support to the daisy group I was a part of and we have now signed up for the daisy tinies class with her as well. Would definitely recommend the antenatal class to anyone”   Laura Easter

“I would recommend Nici & The Daisy Foundation 1000x times over to anyone expecting. I attended the Active Birth Workshop, Daisy Birthing and have since taken my little one to Daisy Tinies. Nici has an amazing ability to make you feel like an old friend and I truly believe she is the reason that I was able to have an amazing birth! Her classes are the perfect mix of science and relaxation. Particularly Daisy Birthing. Best money I have ever spent and have come away with a group of lovely mum friends. I can’t thank her enough. Nici really is invaluable whilst trying to navigate being a new mum!” 💜   Sarah Witt

“Absolutely brilliant classes! As a third time mummy with long term anxiety issues I know that knowledge is key to helping me cope. Daisy classes are everything I could hope for! I’m really enjoying the birthing classes and am using lots of the movement and breathing techniques to help with relaxation and birth preparation at home. It’s making a big difference. My husband also attended the active birthing class with me and we learnt so much!! Now feeling empowered and excited about our birth experience. I cannot thank Nici enough and we highly recommend the Daisy Foundation. We hope to continue with baby classes when little one arrives too!”   Kelly Marshall


Pregnancy and baby classes
/ The Daisy Foundation with Nici Fulton

Antenatal and baby classes Yeovil and surrounding areas

Welcome to The Daisy Foundation, where you can enjoy a variety of Pregnancy classes – Antenatal courses & Baby classes.

My name is Nici, I am your local Daisy teacher and birth Doula.  As a Mum of 3 crazy humans, life is pretty busy, but I am lucky enough to say I have my dream job!

I run Pregnancy classes, birth and baby preparation workshops alongside postnatal & baby classes. These classes currently run in Yeovil and North Cadbury (Nr Wincanton). As a Doula I cover much of South Somerset.

Whatever your Antenatal or Postnatal needs – we have you covered.

Little bit about my journey:

After gaining my BND in social care studies I became a Nanny for several years with the goal to becoming a Midwife when the time was right.

Lucky enough to have the honor of being a birth partner 4 times over the years, I finally got my act together and went back to college to further my education & knowledge in the birthing world.

After completing A Levels and spending time as a volunteer in my local maternity unit, I popped it all on hold for the birth of my daughter in 2014.

In 2016, ready to get back in the driving seat, I stumbled across The Daisy Foundation. The rest, as they say, is history!

More recently I have added the beautiful role of birth doula to my collection, I am in the swing of creating a separate website & social media for this. Please contact me direct in the meantime :0)

Why The Daisy Foundation?

Why Daisy over Midwifery? In a nutshell. Continuity of care. Becoming a Perinatal educator allows me to remain a part of a woman’s journey. From as early as 14 weeks in pregnancy right through to her child turning 2 years.

Because of my own experiences, the birth content and parenting education by The Daisy Foundation hugely attracted me. We keep it real. We use evidence based content. And we enjoy relaxed, flexible & fun workshops.

What is a positive birthing experience?

A positive birth is a birth which is understood with confidence & empowerment throughout, even if your journey veers from your original preferences.


I look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you in to the supportive & sociable Daisy community.  Nici x

Antenatal and Baby classes available:

Daisy Birthing – A weekly pregnancy class for expectant mums to help you enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile, learn about your changing body and prepare for a confident birth.  Yoga based movement, birth breathing, birth hypnosis and birth education.


Active Birth Workshop – An antenatal workshop for mum and her birth companion that will not only cover active birth education for a confident, active and informed birth, but also give you both the tools to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your baby’s birthing day.


Daisy Parent A comprehensive antenatal workshop series for expectant parents designed to ensure you have all the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby. Available as one full workshop or as separate sections: A) The complete birth preparation.  B) Postnatal recovery & newborn care.  C) Infant feeding workshop.


Daisy Infant Feeding A workshop for expectant mums either alone or with their partner. Understand your feeding choices, explore both breastfeeding and bottle feeding options. Cut through the myths and challenges and prepare for your own confident feeding journey.


Daisy Baby Tinies A weekly postnatal – baby class for mum and baby in the ‘fourth trimester’. You will learn baby massage and yoga. We enjoy song and rhyme and focus on postnatal recovery.


Daisy Baby Wrigglers A weekly class for mum and baby to help you learn how to use a variety of tools such as: baby yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story and sensory play experiences to aid your baby’s development, your connection and have fun together!

nici-fulton@thedaisyfoundation.com       07791730123

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