/ The Daisy Foundation with Michelle Chapman

Why I became a teacher

Hello everyone!

I thought I would tell you a little bit more about my journey and why I decided to become a Daisy teacher.

Before walking down this wonderful path I had spent many years working in retail. I loved chatting with new people each day and hearing little snippets about their lives. The job supported study and house renovations and whilst I loved it, it wasn’t my calling.

Then 7 years ago I had the happy news I had fallen pregnant. I read every book, watched every clip, attended yoga classes, swimming sessions, workshops and classes. My beautiful daughter was born in a birthing pool and our breastfeeding journey was a straightforward one. I took her to every baby class going and then discovered Daisy Baby tinies. I instantly felt safe, at ease and confident in my abilities. It was the first class I had attended where I felt like an individual, not just ‘mum’. The friendships I formed there are still going strong all of these years later.

20 months after my daughter arrived I welcomed my son into the world. He was born in the same birthing pool and once again I left the hospital feeling I had had a positive birth experience. This time around I had attended Daisy Birthing classes and I felt so much more confident, educated and empowered in my decisions. Not to mention that I already had my ‘village’ on standby in the amazing group of women I had met whilst preparing for his birth. This proved invaluable.

Despite having such positive birth and breastfeeding experiences both times, it quickly became apparent I was experiencing Post Natal Depression. As I had done with my daughter, I took my son to Daisy Baby Tinies and Daisy Baby Wrigglers classes. The unconditional support, understanding, patience and growing confidence I felt there helped me on my path to recovery.

So why become a teacher myself? I wish for all parents to receive the same continuous support that I received on my own journey. I hope other mothers form lasting friendships like those I formed. Whatever your parenting choices, whether you hope for a water birth or a planned caesarean section, to breast or bottle feed, I hope you feel confident, empowered and informed in your choices. I hope to give back a little of what I received on my own motherhood rollercoaster.

As always, any questions please do get in touch. I look forward to seeing you in class or a workshop in spring.

Michelle x