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A weekly postnatal class for all those who are physically recovering from birth, and their baby. This class takes place during your babies ‘fourth trimester’, and will guide you in the use of baby massage and movement to calm, soothe and connect with your baby.

When it comes to the first few months of the postnatal journey, any number of emotions can overwhelm us; joy, anxiety, delight, fatigue, happiness, uncertainty, isolation, low moods, etc. Daisy Baby Tinies helps all those who are physically navigating the postnatal journey to enjoy a safe and supported first few months with your baby. This natural first step with baby, on your continuous perinatal support journey with us at Daisy, takes the best elements of baby massage, baby yoga and postnatal yoga, with mum & baby/new parent classes and support groups, wrapping all of these together in a powerful 5 element model that gives you the confidence that comes from realising you can figure it out together. Just you and baby!

Daisy Baby Tinies classes are suitable for you and your baby to attend from around 6 weeks after birth and are adapted to suit all postnatal related conditions, multiples and individual needs with ease. It is only for the parent who has given birth as there is a focus on the postnatal recovery of that parents body.

Classes are bookable in blocks of 6 weeks at a time and are £42 a block, with each class lasting 1 hour. They are designed to carry you through from Tinies to Wrigglers to Cruisers, so you will be given the option to continue on in the class towards the end of every block. This way, you can be supported on your journey from around 6 weeks postnatal until your baby is around 18 months.

Daisy Tinies is for babies from 6 weeks to around 5 months (or when they start to roll around).

I look forward to welcoming you to your Daisy Baby Tinies class.

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Daisy Baby Tinies


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