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A baby in hindsight: Pregnancy and Baby Support over the Festive Season

Over the festive period, the groups and meetings that may have structured your weeks around, in the main part grind to a halt. This is understandable. For many, the holiday season is one of rest, and spending time with family and friends. But parents are still parents, and any struggles and questions you may have been having outside this time are still there.

So what do you do?

For many, the answer is simple. We click online and start typing in our questions to our favourite search bars. But is this the best way, and is all the information we find relevant and factual. It’s no surprise that the answer is no.

Many websites and blogs are not regulated by external individuals. So, in theory, someone could put up anything and say anything and if people viewed them as a trustworthy individual, then they could make them believe whatever they wanted. Now that is not the case every time, there is a moral obligation to provide truthful information, but there is also profits to be had by bending the truth.

A quick search and you do find this. Why is my baby doing this, how do I stop my baby doing that. You click on a link, someone claims to be some sort of expert and has a really well structured and well written piece on your question. But suddenly, half way in or towards the end, they make strong suggestions that the only way to fix the ‘problem’ is to sign up to this class, or buy their latest book or subscribe to their help forum.

Now I am not saying that classes, forums and subscriptions are all to be demonised, but if any advice is suggesting that the ONLY way to help you is to fork out the cash, then I would be really sceptical.  The truth is, there are some really good resources out there that can help, you just have to be careful about who you trust, and never sign up to anything without looking at all the options. Maybe even contact them first to see if they seem like trustworthy folk.

Also, there is many people that claim to be experts because they have raised children themselves. Now I have no doubt that many of these individuals are experts in raising their own children, but that does not make them experts for every child. Children are all individuals, and what works for some will not work for others.

There is also the issue of ‘helpful’ relatives. Again, sometimes this can be great, and those that have come before us can be very knowledgeable on certain things. Try and remember though, when they were given this information, as time and science has moved on. It’s difficult to politely decline their help sometimes, but its your body, and your baby, and you need to do what you think and feel is right.

So yeah, please be careful. But don’t feel like you are alone there are some great sites out there. Here are some of my favourites and the ones I feel are very informative:


Pregnant? Your midwifery practice is open all through the holiday season. Do not think that your question can wait. Trust yourself and seek help and information if you are unsure. No problem is too small. Also, check out the NHS website for any signs that you should be phoning your team.


There is also a great site here to: https://www.tommys.org/pregnancy-information


Breastfeeding? You could look on la leche, association of breastfeeding mothers or breastfeeding network for information.

https://www.laleche.org.uk/      https://abm.me.uk/       https://www.breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk/

they also have a great drug help page on facebook in case your poorly over the season


you could also try and find a lactation consultant in your area if you wanted


or phone the national breastfeeding helpline on 0300 100 0212 open every day, 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.


Baby Sleep a concern? There is also a very good information site on this called Basis. It looks at the studies done and discusses normal baby sleep pattern. Spoiler: Babies are supposed to wake and feed frequently during the night, especially at around 8 and 12 weeks, and 6, 9, and 12 months because their brains and bodies grow a lot at these times. Also, most babies still will not sleep through the night even at 1 year old (defined as a solid 5 hours of sleep). The site also have a great picture gallery on co-sleeping safely as well as lots of info, if that is something you want to try.



There is also a great forum called Kelly Mom which is actually generally really informative on many topics both pregnancy and baby related.



And I would like to offer my services to. I may not be a n encyclopaedia of knowledge on all things pregnancy and baby related, but I do know a lot. And anything I don’t know, I can at least point you in the right direction of someone who may be able to help more. Although I can’t guarantee how long it will take me to answer, I will try and answer any questions as quickly as I can (I too am trying to rest after all).

Go easy on yourself, enjoy the holiday time, rest if you can, and reach out if you need to.

Feel free to comment and add other great sites. Let’s help each other out and support each other through, what can be a lonely and isolating time for many. Keep in touch with new mums to. You never know when they may need an ear to chew.