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Welcome to Daisy Falkirk and West Lothian

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Lesley and I am a qualified Daisy Educator based in Falkirk and West Lothian. I provide birthing classes and workshops from 16 weeks pregnancy, and baby classes and workshops suitable from birth to 18 months.

I am a mother of two and first became aware of The Daisy Foundation back in 2019, when my first was a few months old. The classes were wonderful and I absolutely adored going to them, as did my son. At the time, I was fairly new to my area and being able to connect with other parents who could relate to my concerns and share their wisdom was invaluable. Making friends and creating a tribe of peers helped me get through the first few years and beyond in my own parenting journey. I’m still an active member of the online community now!

When I was on maternity with my second, the opportunity arose for me to become a Daisy Educator and I jumped at the chance!

Parenthood for me, is a minefield of conflicting advice, opinions that you didn’t ask for and a steep learning curve that you won’t always get right.  I feel like modern society has created isolated parents who live apart from their families and friends who would have otherwise supported them making important decisions about their birth and baby. Too often, I speak to parents who in hindsight, wish that they would have had more information or support in the decisions they were making.

And this is where Daisy comes in!


The heart of Daisy is to inform and empower you to make the right decisions for your own journey through pregnancy, birth and in those first few years.

It is my hope, that I can provide you with your own tribe. A group of people who can share with you, and support you through the journey of parenting and beyond. I want to help you understand what information there is, what is relevant to you, and how you can best access it. To aid you in being able to honour your own story and journey that has brought you to this point. And it would be my privilege, to support you and empower you to make informed choices, that feel right for you and your baby.

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Please find below my current classes and availability. I hope to see you soon!