/ The Daisy Foundation with Laura Powell

Becoming a Daisy teacher

I attended a couple of terms of Daisy Birthing classes before having each of my sons, and to begin with I wasn’t giving much thought to becoming a Daisy teacher. I was really nervous when I was pregnant with my eldest – we did NCT classes to find some friends locally but I wanted a different type of antenatal class that would prepare me for the labour and birth. With my subsequent pregnancies the classes gave me 90 relaxing minutes a week that were mine, away from the demands of my other children. 

I didn’t return to work after my third son and I think my days of getting the train into London and sitting at a desk all day are behind me. I kept an eye on the training intakes for new Daisy teachers for a couple of years and then one came up just as my youngest was starting nursery – the timing was perfect. I kept my application a secret so I didn’t have to tell anyone if it didn’t work out!   

Despite attending the classes, my first labour and birth was not what I had hoped for. It was very long and once we got into hospital I felt powerless and out of control. All four experiences have been very different but, by the time my youngest son was born, we felt informed, confident and in control. Part of what has motivated me to become a Daisy teacher is the thought that I can help those giving birth and their partners to avoid feeling some of the confusion and fear my husband and I felt the first time round. And to provide that relaxing space to second, third, fourth time mums looking for some escape from tiring toddlers! 

There were no Daisy baby classes in my area so I haven’t experienced these as a customer. When my eldest was a baby we would do pretty much any local rhyme time or playgroup session going – it was lonely with a newborn baby in a new town and a husband out at work all day. I am really looking forward to teaching Daisy Tinies, Wrigglers and Cruisers classes, hopefully helping to lift some of the loneliness that many new parents feel and introduce them to a growing local Daisy community. 

I am over halfway through my training year now. It is a juggle fitting it in around my children but it is worth it and I am really excited to be starting Daisy Birthing classes next month. If I’m honest, the thought of teaching a class full of real wriggling, possibly crying babies rather than the dolls we have in our training group is a little daunting but Tilly (my doll and baby co-teacher) and I will find our way! The world of pregnancy and birth and the early days of parenthood are fascinating and there is so much to learn and to share to help new and growing families.