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Buggy walks – aka Buggy Dates in the Ware, Hertford, Hertfordshire areas…….

As i write this it’s FRIDAY!!! Sometimes as a new Mum, Friday is now the same as any other day, isn’t it? I remember back when I had young babies myself, it didn’t really matter what the day of the week, or sometimes or even the time of the day! We won’t get started on day or night





Every day just seems to merge. Now the last year has not been easy, everyone has a slightly different story to tell. But one thing that is true and I hear it from all my new parents in my classes, you feel that your maternity leave just isn’t what you had hoped for. SO many of you are putting your positive pants on, and actually picking out the really good bits that’s happened to you in the last year, baby included! But for some it’s really not that easy just to put those sad feelings aside, but let’s face it your year hasn’t been as you had planned, hoped or dreamed!

Here at Daisy in Hertford and where, I have built up a wonderful community of mums and families and that really brings together what Daisy means to me. The last year has had many challenges as a small business owner, but alongside my classes I have opened up a little further on the social element. We’ve had some meet ups in the park (with lots of eyes looking at us wondering if we’re being legal which we obviously were) Online I’ve organised relaxation sessions, even a free term of (Daisy) mamma classes. Zoom coffee chats, and buggy dates.

Now buggy dates was actually ‘born’ when you could only meet with one person outside, Now that has opened up to more, maybe you would like to join us come along and meet new mums with their babies in a socially distance way of course. Let me help you find your community of mums!

When you come along and join us at buggy dates on the link provided, introduce yourself, your name and your baby, how old your baby is and maybe where you live. Arrange to meet other new mums and maybe even limit yourself to an hour, because then if you are not ‘each other’s people’ nothing feels awkward. Grab a coffee, walk along the river, Put down your picnic blanket, let the babies feel that freedom too. Have fun whilst you put the world to rights.

Just have some normality, enjoy the fresh air, breathe, you’ve done it! You are stronger than you realise, you’ve done the last year, you can do anything!

Join us HERE at buggy dates and hope to see you in a daisy class very soon…..


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/ The Daisy Foundation with Keeley Collins

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Want to know what other parents have to say about The Daisy Foundation Hertford & Ware? For antenatal and baby classes, find out here! Feel free to click on any of the links below if you are interested to know more!

Daisy Birthing

Daisy Parent

Daisy Active Birth

Daisy Tinies

Daisy Wrigglers

Daisy Cruisers


I started classes with Keeley when I was pregnant with my second. Weekly birthing classes was just what I needed for some time out. My husband and I attended the parent class which he found as a great refresher. I then attended the baby classes passed my baby’s first birthday and then to the time of the online classes! To still have that connection, something to look forward to each week and someone as supportive as Keely to talk to was invaluable. Do you have that constant from bump, birth and baby is what every mum needs whether it’s your first, second or 21st (if you are that crazy!) Motherhood can often come with lots of doubt, this will definitely be the thing you won’t question. I recommend anyone considering it to book now! These classes give you everything you are looking for in one (Mel)

As a new father to be and now father I couldn’t ask for anything more important than attending the Daisy classes! Myself and my wife attended Keeley’s Daisy parent course and my wife her birthing course. Keely was very helpful, knowledgeable and the question was ever frowned upon! We have just had a gorgeous little boy and I was able to use the techniques given and put them into practice. They definitely worked And as my wife’s birthing partner I was able to keep her calm throughout! Keeley not just of course tutor but now a friend, and I hope to attend many more wonderful classes as our son gets older. (Dave)

We completed the six week parent course just before a baby arrived in January. Keeley was so knowledgeable and helpful, answering all your questions about giving birth and parenthood. The course helped us to feel prepared and in powered for the scary prospect of labour, so when the time came I understood that was happening and can make informed decisions about the process. We are so glad we took the course and I’m now very excited to be attending the time is court with my baby soon! Thanks Keeley! (Kerry)

I was recommended these Daisy classes when pregnant with my first child and after completing the antenatal yoga I stayed on for all the baby classes. And I’m doing it all again with my second. Keeley is so knowledgeable and kind. During the antenatal classes she is encouraging and positive and as well as the yoga you learn a little bit about the impending birth each week. Her baby classes are my favourite though! I’ve been to many and heard off by far the best, for a number of reasons, the main one being she genuinely cares about you and your baby! She gently encourages thoughtful discussion In the Tinies class, alongside the massage, which can really help post birth reflection at a time when you feel exhausted and vulnerable and probably haven’t left the house much in the last few weeks!

She always remembers your childs name which I know is a small thing but I really rate it as a good quality and a teacher and she always asked you how you’re getting on with them as the weeks progress. Aside from Keeley being great to the mums, my babies have always adored her classes and her. She catches their attention with ease and they stay engaged. The toys and environment are always clean and welcoming and I go away doing things with them at home that we’ve done in class, which makes me feel like I’m being proactive with the bubbles at home on days I don’t feel like doing much! Overall just couldn’t rate these classes highly enough! (Lucy)

I would highly recommend any of these classes! The antenatal sessions were so helpful, with so much information and such a safe space to ask lots of questions. Keeley makes you feel welcome and has such a lovely way about her, that’s why me and my baby now go to Tinies and we love it! Always a good way to meet and talk to other mums about each stage and realising you’re not the only one! A good way to always feel sane and meet great friends (Rosie)

Could not recommend Keeley anymore. She is so amazing both for mum and baby with her classes. Starting with the baby massage for the Tinies, Wrigglers, and then Cruisers when they’re up and walking. Such a great environment for her classes and her knowledge and energy is fantastic and love that she makes it about mums as well as the little ones and Always has a different topic for discussion to, where Mum is can have a proper natter about all the important things surrounding being a new parent. Thanks so much Keeley keep up the good work. (Chloe)

I have been attending Daisy since my little girl was four weeks old. I started off in the Daisy Tinies is Ann being a first-time new mum I was made to feel very welcome by everyone. I then moved on to Daisy Wrigglers and this is very different to Tinies but still really good and my little girl is now nearly 7 months and she loves going to Keeley’s classes. She becomes very involved in all the different sections of the class again everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Keeley also runs themed sessions for special events at Christmas and Halloween for example these have always been very well-planned and organised and they have a huge success. 100% recommended to the Daisy foundation to anyone that he is pregnant, had a baby recently I’ve got a child at the age of two definitely get in contact with Keeley. (Georgia)

We attended the active birth workshop and would highly recommend couples expecting their first baby. We both came away feeling loads more confident and aware of what to expect during labour and birth. Once our little one is here I will certainly be looking at the next group so I can come to with baby. Keeley is lovely, makes everyone feel welcome and goes the extra mile outside of classes sharing information and knowledge. Thank you Keeley. (Sophie)

I’m so glad I chose Keeley’s classes! The antenatal group is a wonderful time in the week to slow down and focus on the baby, with just the right balance of relaxation, breathing techniques and information. The breathing truly saved me from a to horrors during labour. I also love the parent classes where Keeley really went out of her way to make sure we were fully prepared and had a relaxed, informative and personalised experience. I am now coming to Tinies with my son and look forward to it every week it’s a lovely mix of music, baby massage and chat. Perfect for a tiny baby and a tired mum. Thank you Keeley. (Anna)

I attended both of birthing antenatal classes as well as the couples parent class with Keeley, and they were both wonderful. As a first-time mum they were exactly what I needed to prepare myself before the birth of my daughter. My husband also love the opportunity of being involved in the classes and he learnt a lot too! Keely is so knowledgeable, kind and caring in her approach. I would also highly recommend Tinies – baby massage! (Verity)

I found the antenatal classes so relaxing and my little piece in the week where I could really unwind. (Rebekah)

I can highly recommend Daisy birthing classes with Keeley. She provides Antenatal advice, information and support. The classes are also a chance to relax and bond with your baby bump. They also create an opportunity to meet other mums to be and to talk openly and honestly about the ups and downs of a pregnancy in a safe and supportive environment. I’ve been attending Daisy Tinies classes with my baby now she’s here we love our weekly massage session and enjoy the time to bond. (Laura)

I started my journey with Daisy birthing classes. I really look forward to my evening of relaxation each week. It was just what I needed while pregnant. The classes were a great way to meet new mums and have some time to bond with my bump. Fast forward to now, I’m taking my daughter to the Daisy baby classes. She absolutely loves her baby massage! Keeley is so warm and welcoming, and is fantastic with the little ones and it’s great to be able to talk openly with other mums about life with a little one. I would highly recommend Daisy Foundation. (Fiona)

I started my journey with Keeley when my little boy was eight weeks old ,now 17 months we have had amazing classes and I’ve learnt so much. The friendship that grow with Keeley and all the other mums, I have made some amazing friends. (Kerri)

Lovely class and Keeley is so friendly and welcoming! Would definitely recommend her to other parents and will stay with her as my baby girl grows. (Natalie)

We started our Daisy journey whilst pregnant and then continued with baby massage and now Daisy Wrigglers. I absolutely love our time at (Daisy) easily the highlight of our week. Keeley is fantastic, friendly and relaxed, I honestly feel like I’m just going to meet a friend. The studio is fabulous! My little one loves her classes and the concept of yoga and baby with sensory is unique. I’ve made some lovely friends to! 10/10 for me! (Kayleigh)

We attend Daisy Tinies and both myself and my baby love it. It’s a great way to meet other mothers and bond with your baby in a safe, fun environment. Keeley is a great teacher and I would highly recommend the classes. (Hollie)

We utterly loved Keeley’s Daisy classes. Such a calm, safe yet entertaining space, I was always so impressed with how this class was DIFFERENT to all the other baby classes. In a wonderful way! Singing, instruments and movement, but with a really engaging focus to your baby and how you interact with them. My baby responded so well to the mixture of songs, adding his own sound effects to Twinkle Twinkle little sound! It’s important to feel like you’re in safe hands when you’re in a baby class and with Keeley I definitely felt that way! Highly recommend. Just wish I hadn’t had to go back to work! (Sarah)

Daisy birthing transformed my birth experience and into such a quick, calm and positive one that I almost can’t wait to do it again. The breathing techniques I learnt and all of the advice from Keeley were invaluable. I can’t recommend Keely’s class is enough. (Tracey)

We love Daisy classes. My daughter and I started the Tinies and now enjoy Wrigglers there is the perfect mix of stimulation for babies, adult chat and a lovely relaxing environment. We would thoroughly recommend Keeley and her Daisy classes. (Lucy)

I promise this is positive… My husband and I refer to Keeley as the baby witch. Not in a terrifying hocus-pocus, stealing youth kind of way… But in an amazing “how did she just calm an entire room full of babies down with a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle little star?!” kinda way. Keeley got us through birth (the active pool birth we wanted, on two paracetamol) and is still holding our hands at eight months old. We feel very lucky to have found her and share the Daisy positive birth message evangelically with whoever will sit long enough to listen. (Esha)

I have done Daisy birthing, parent, Tinies and Wrigglers and the only reason I haven’t been to cruisers is because I’m back at work. What can I say about the birthing class? Without it I knew I would haven’t dealt with labour, birth and beyond without it. Are used breathing throughout labour and the midwives knew I’d been in training. It got me through (well that and a little gas and air) I had a bit of a hard time after birth and even use the breathing technique in the following weeks during recovery from surgery. It helped calm me down and feel like I could have some control in what is such a vulnerable time. The classes are great but wouldn’t be half as good without Keeley, not only does she know her stuff but she’s honest and open about childbirth. You can literally ask her anything! If I’m lucky enough to have another Bubba, I’m definitely going back to Keeley and the Daisy Foundation. (Andrea)

I’m so glad I attended the Daisy birthing classes run by Keeley, I learnt so much about so many aspects of labour. Breathing techniques labour positions in particular but also left the class is feeling confident and prepared for what was to come! Each week we learnt something new and it was great to meet other expectant mums just to have a chat, ask questions and share experiences. Keeley is so friendly, encouraging, full of advice and knowledge and is clearly Passionate about what she does. I’m now looking forward to taking my baby boy to Keeley is Daisy Tinies group next week! (Karina, also just finished with her second baby)

Really enjoying the class I learnt a lot and gain confidence about the whole birthing process I also gained a great support network. (Rebecca)

I attended Daisy birthing classes run by the lovely and knowledgeable Keeley and I absolutely love it! I left each week learning so much about labour, breathing techniques and positioning to help within labour, I finished the course feeling so positive and prepared. Ended up having a Caesarian but I still use the Daisy breath and listened to the relaxing music as I was waiting to go down to theatre to try and calm my nerves! Me and my baby boy now go to Keeley’s Tinies Class and we love it. My baby recognises Keeley’s voice and every week I learn something new. We’ve also made some lovely friends by going to Keeley’s classes! I look forward coming along again one day.  (Sophie-who has since been back with two more babies!)

I attended the prenatal evening classes and love the combination of relaxation and information. Could you help me feel totally calm and prepared for the birth and although it didn’t all go to plan I felt able to handle it! I definitely recommend the course and would do it again with my next pregnancy.

I did the classes with Keeley and really enjoyed some relaxing me time. I learnt quite a bit about breathing techniques and what could happen during birthing my baby and luckily the breathing techniques did help me as I had an unplanned home birth!! Also I made friends in the group and there are six of us that meet up regularly around a couple going back to work. We are all off out for dinner on Friday night! We all also did the tinies classes with our bubbas! Loved my time with the (Daisy) foundation and Keeley. Can’t recommend it enough. (Mel)

I did Daisy birthing with Keeley over the summer and loved it it was great to have some me time at the classes and whilst my babies birth wasn’t quite as expected the breathing exercises really helped to keep me calm focused. It has also been great meeting the other lovely ladies in the class and their little ones. The support from the ladies and Keeley means I don’t feel like I’m alone. (Rebecca)

Such an amazing class gave me the relaxation I needed before my sons birth. And helped me massively in labour. My son is now 15 months old the next baby will definitely be going to see Keeley again. Thanks Keeley. (Laura)

I really wish I had done Keeley’s class before the birth of my first child! With my second it was fantastic to have the time each week to relax, learn some brilliant breathing techniques, focus on my new baby and think about the birth I wanted second time round, after an extremely traumatic first delivery. It was great preparation for my subsequent VBAC and I think I’ll be listening to the Daisy music for years to come to relax me! I’m eagerly looking forward to starting the new Tinies term with my little Iris this week and can’t thank Keeley enough for introducing me to the wonderful Daisy experience! (Claire)

I attended Keeley’s classes for mums today and found them absolutely amazing. Everything I learned got me through my labour from the birth positioning and breaths. Keeley was amazing throughout and very supportive after. I’ve made lifelong friends from the group and will be booking onto more of Keeley’s classes to take my little boy too. (Robyn)

I cannot recommend Keeley’s classes highly enough. I attended Tinies it with both my children I loved it! It is a great opportunity to spend time with your little one and learn some valuable tricks along the way! You also get to meet lovely other mums too. I wish I had done Keeley’s birthing class before my first child was born, as after attending with my second child I felt so empowered and confident. I even went into labour right after our last class! Thanks Keeley. (Amanda)

/ The Daisy Foundation with Keeley Collins

Looking for feedback about your local pregnancy and baby classes?

Here is some genuine feedback taken from ‘Google my Business’ for you to see the feedback from my Daisy classes here in Hertford & Ware.

Can’t recommend Keeley enough! So pleased I found Daisy. Keeley helped me have such a positive birthing experience. And I have made lots of new friends through our group! N.B

Me and my partner did the antenatal Parent sessions just before going into lockdown last March. Even though the class moved online we had the best experience and learnt so much about birth and what to expect once baby had arrived. It was also a great way to make friends. We continued to attend the (Daisy) Tinies and regulars classes to and I look forward to starting cruisers in a few weeks. Keeley is very knowledgeable and provides a lovely safe and inviting space. I would highly recommend any of her classes. (A.A)

Can’t recommend enough! Myself and my partner were initially quite hesitant about signing up to any antenatal classes, but so so glad we did! Keeley’s Daisy Parent course is informative but in a relaxed, no pressure environment. The groups are small so feel personal with plenty of time to chat and ask questions. We both came away from the last session feeling confident and positive about the birth and our first few months as new parents. Our baby girl was born in May 2020 and we have since continued onto Tinies and Wrigglers classes with the mums from my parent group, now close friends thanks to Keeley! The babies and us Mums and look forward to the class every week and we will be looking forward to continuing our (Daisy) journey in cruisers very soon! (E.M)

I attend in birthing classes and also Tinies – both were great. Lots of helpful advice, techniques and information which helped me with my journey through pregnancy and becoming a new mum. I never felt I was just a number passing through the classes either, Keeley has a true kindness and warmth about her which she gives with a real heart. I also made lovely new friends with the other mums too. (N)

I have attended Keeley’s lovely pregnancy class twice now and with another child/children at home it was such a lovely time just to relax and bond with baby and meet other mums going through the same experience. Keeley really puts people at ease and shares relevant education about pregnancy, labour and birth in a well informed yet relaxed way. The breathing exercises totally helped me to have what I described as a dream birth with my second daughter and fingers crossed I will have a similar experience with my third! The relaxation time at the end is wonderful for just switching off from a hectic day and focusing on your bump and baby. I am looking forward to attending some baby classes with Keeley, when the new baby makes his/her appearance. (J.N)

I attended Daisy Birthing with Keeley and would thoroughly recommend. The classes are very supportive and informative, with lots of helpful tips and advice. They’re also really relaxing and a lovely way to bond with your bump. I met some lovely Mums to be and Keeley made the sessions so enjoyable. I’ve now just completed the first online Daisy Mama term with Keeley. I loved Daisy Birthing and Daisy Mama has been equally as brilliant. It’s a wonderfully relaxing class and has felt so good to take some time for myself. Keeley is a fantastic teacher, she’s so professional, knowledgable, calm and kind. I can’t recommend Keeley’s classes enough. (C.T)

If there’s one Mother and Baby class you do, do this one! It will save your sanity, give you an amazing support network. It offers you real quality time and fantastic interactions with your little one AND Keeley is the most amazing mentor. She gives sound advice, is a great listener, never judges and always has time. It’s the perfect tonic for 2021 and beyond. (E.B)

We have been part of the Daisy Family since Freddie was 4 months old. And I wish I had joined earlier. We’re still going 15 months later. Keeley is not only wonderful at her job, but truly cares and loves her Mumma’s and baby’s. She has brought so much support whether it be through face to face classes or through Zoom. I’m not sure what lockdown would have been like without a (Daisy) class to look forward to each week. As we near the end of our (Daisy) journey, for now, I consider Keeley a very good friend and can’t wait to get back to (Daisy) and Keeley whenever baby number two decides it’s time. Thank you Keeley (M.C)

This is a great place to meet other new mums in a safe and nurturing environment. Keeley is so knowledgeable and approachable. She really takes the time to get to know you. Her antenatal birthing class is a place to relax and focus on your new arrival. (R.T)

We did the Daisy Wrigglers sensory classes and they were fab, my seven month old really enjoyed them! Keely has a lovely laid-back approach in the sessions. (A.M)

I did (Daisy) Tinies, Wrigglers and Cruisers with Keeley and loved it so much! It was so hard to find classes where I felt like I was an equal person, and not just a number on a list. During a very lonely time becoming a new parent and all that entails was made so much brighter each week attending her classes. Such good friends were made and cemented with the classes. Keeley takes the time to get to know everyone and never forget you despite teaching hundreds of women and babies over the years! (J.C)

I highly recommend! I have loved joining (Daisy) both online during lockdown and in person. Fantastic classes and great ways to meet other mums I have picked up some great tips my little one when it comes to baby massage. (K&S)

The breathing techniques I learnt with Keeley helped me manage my contractions so much better during this – my second – labour. Met a lovely group of mums to be as well and look forward to our regular meet-ups once all of our babies are here. (M.O)

Five star review– ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (A.L)

Five star review – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (L.P)


PLUS Feedback sent in to my email or Facebook page for Lockdown 2020/21!


Through all your care and support and amazing quality classes. It is safe to say you have saved a lot of us through lockdown (Laura)

We have loved every single class and a whole (Daisy) journey. Keeley you have been amazing and a fantastic support throughout the last year and I can’t thank you enough (Kelly)

Just wanted to say thank you for running classes they really are a lifeline at the moment (Emily)

Thank you for making lockdown the extra bit special and giving us something to look forward too (Helen)

Keeley you are amazing and I’m truly grateful for all your love and support and the wonderful community that you have created (Chloe)


/ The Daisy Foundation with Keeley Collins

Antenatal, pregnancy and baby classes in Ware, Hertford and surrounding.

When expecting a baby, it’s a minefield isn’t it?  In the overwhelm people just search for pregnancy yoga, or Hypnobirthing, or assume all pregnancy classes are called NCT. The Daisy Foundation has a variety of offerings, drawing on content from many different offerings, providing something for everyone. Let Daisy help you to cut through the overwhelm and make a decision that helps you on your whole perinatal journey.

If you are pregnant or have a new baby, Daisy has you covered from wonderful birthing classes, traditional antenatal classes then postnatal with baby massage, sensory to yoga. Come and join us in Ware – a great community for you to be involved in.

NCT Hertford, NCT Ware, #nctware, #ncthertford, NCT Essex, #nctessex,

Hypnobirthing hertford, hypnobirthing ware

Antenatal classes

Daisy Birthing – A weekly antenatal class for pregnant people from 14 weeks until birth. You’ll learn about and use elements of active birth, pregnancy yoga,  hypnobirthing and antenatal education. A special bonding time for you, your bump and baby. A perfect weekly relax, just for you.


Active Birth Workshop – A workshop for expectant parent and birth partner from approx. 28 weeks. Helping you understand the stages of labour, working with gravity to support your baby’s birth,  using techniques such as active birth, hypnobirthing and massage for labour. Learning about all possible situations, to help you feel ready and confident for birth.

Daisy Parent – A comprehensive antenatal course for expectant parents. Our entirely comprehensive Daisy Parent format draws on elements of active birth, hypnobirthing, parentcraft and traditional antenatal classes to create one very powerful combination.  From birth plans to massage in labour, informed choice to packing hospital bags. Also feeding your baby, changing their nappy, sleep safety and cycles. So much more, we have you covered!

Baby classes

Daisy Baby Tinies  A weekly postnatal class for mum and baby in the ‘fourth trimester’ (from approx. 6 weeks until 5 months at the start of term). I’ll help you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby.

Daisy Baby Wrigglers – A weekly class for caregiver and baby (from 5 months until crawling) to help you learn how to use a variety of tools such as: baby massage, baby yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story and (baby) sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development, your connection and have fun together!

Daisy Baby Cruisers– A weekly class for caregiver and baby (from confidently crawling until approx. 18 months) to help you learn how to use a variety of tools such as toddler yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story and (baby) sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development, your connection and learn how to embrace the chaos!

/ The Daisy Foundation with Keeley Collins

New parents, new baby in Hertfordshire/Essex – Useful support information

So alongside our wonderful range of classes here at Daisy, what else would you want to know to help YOU on your journey? What could you gain from speaking with someone? confidence, support and the knowledge you are not alone.NCT Hertford, NCT Ware, #nctware, #ncthertford, NCT Essex, #nctessex

The Daisy Foundation will offer you access to a FAB community of Mums, local to you within our WhatsApp  and Facebook groups. Quite often you can find many answers you need within these, such a short weaning advice, Mum to Mum support. You’ll gain a whole new confidence in our community to know you are doing your best.

There are also a whole host of amazing organisations out there that specialise in different aspects of your journey which you might find useful as a new parent. You’ll gain confidence from speaking to someone, and hopefully reset some expectations.

Why not give you local Daisy teacher a call to see if there is something we can help you with in our own classes or workshops. If not we can help to point you in the right direction to get the support you deserve.

New parents, having a new baby is daunting at the best of times – I hope this useful support information helps you. Never be afraid to ask for help!

Feeding support

-Independent, confidential, mother-centred, non-judgmental breastfeeding support and information from the National Breastfeeding Helpline 

-Breastfeeding support from the ABM – The ABM are a group of trained volunteers dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mums and their families.

Perinatal mental health

-The PANDAS Foundation is here to help support and advise any parent and their networks who need support with perinatal mental illness. Here to inform  family members, carers, friends as to how they can support someone who is suffering. 

MIND – the mental health charity.

(Don’t forget to check out your local perinatal team/wellbeing team in your local area)

-For East Herts:



Sleep safety

LULLABY TRUST – The Lullaby Trust raises awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies and offers emotional support for bereaved families.

General help and support for pregnancy and beyond 

TOMMY’s – Pregnancy Health Information.

BEST BEGINNINGS – We  work to inform and empower parents who want to maximise their children’s long-term development and well-being. 

Rights in pregnancy and beyond – Plus the workplace

MATERNITY ACTION – Maternity Action is the UK’s leading charity committed to ending inequality and improving the health and wellbeing of pregnant women, partners and young children – from conception through to the child’s early years. 

BIRTHRIGHTS UK – Birthrights is dedicated to ensuring women receive the respect and dignity they deserve in pregnancy and childbirth. 

PREGNANT and SCREWED -Pregnant Then Screwed is the leading charity working to end the motherhood penalty. Campaigning on the issues that impact pregnant women and working mums, offering free advice. Working for meaningful change.

AIMS – The association for improvements in maternity services.

I hope this helps you to find the right information,


Keeley x






/ The Daisy Foundation with Keeley Collins

Antenatal and Baby classes covering Ware, Hertford and Essex.

The Daisy Foundation with Keeley Collins

Antenatal and Baby classes for your complete journey, also to give you the opportunity to meet other new parents on a similar journey! 

My name is Keeley and I am your Daisy perinatal educator for the Ware, Hertford, Harlow and surrounding areas. Offering a complete continuity of Antenatal to Postnatal care since 2009, for the pregnant person and their Birth Partner(s)

My studio in the heart of Ware SG12, ready to welcome you. The perfect, comfortable place for you to prepare

The Daisy Foundation gives me the continuity of care i love. I get to build a bond with women from pregnancy until toddlerhood (and beyond) with my additional qualifications in infant sleep, infant feeding, starting solids and so much more!
My own experiences with birth really resonated with the values of The Daisy Foundation. This is one of the reasons I was drawn in the first place back in 2009.

Why should i book Daisy classes?

-Daisy can help you to enjoy a positive pregnancy and prepare you for a confident birth, at the same time as taking you on an informed and supported journey to motherhood.  Equally as important, it’s a time of security when everything around you is changing.
A positive birth isn’t always a ‘natural birth’ It comes from a place where you have understood what is happening, with confidence and made the informed decisions right for you.

How will they help me?

Classes help cut through the overwhelm that can come from all the confusing advice out there, as you find your way with your little one. All new Mums hope to have the support of others around them,  on a similar journey. No judgment, just support!

I don’t know where to start, or what to book! Let me help you….

Antenatal Classes

    • Daisy Birthing  – A weekly antenatal class for pregnant people. Helping you to enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile and learn about your changing body. Our unique Active Antenatal method draws on elements of active birth, pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing  & antenatal education to help you prepare for a confident birth.
    • Daisy Parent  – A comprehensive workshop for expectant parents.  Designed to ensure you have all the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby. Daisy Parent draws on elements of active birth, parent craft and traditional antenatal classes to create one very powerful combination.
    • Active Birth Workshop – A workshop for expectant  parent and birth partner. Helping you understand thee stages of labour and how to use gravity to support your baby’s birth. Learn techniques such as breathing, active birth and massage, designed to help you both feel confident about birth.

Baby Classes

    • Daisy Baby Tinies  –A weekly postnatal class for mum and baby in the fourth trimester. Helping you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby. Drawing on elements of baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal movement and baby care education to support you in the early weeks & months.
    • Daisy Baby Wrigglers  – A weekly class for caregiver and baby. Learn how to use a variety of tools such as: baby massage, baby yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story & (baby) sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development whilst having fun together!
    • Daisy Baby Cruisers  – A weekly class for caregiver and baby. Learn how to use a variety of tools such as toddler yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story & (baby) sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development, whilst embracing the chaos!

Who is Daisy suitable for?

Whether this is your first baby, or you have been on this journey before, we can offer you something to bring you up to date and help you to inform yourself of your choices and look forward to your positive birth. A positive birth comes from a place of confidence and having all the information needed to make decisions that are right for you.

Daisy Classes are suitable from 14 weeks pregnancy – baby 18months

In summary and why you’d like to book!

A continuation of quality classes and workshops from Antenatal to postnatal with baby. Everything you could possibly need to help you to prepare for your exciting journey ahead. Finally, do check out the amazing programme of classes on offer, once your baby has arrived. Supporting the fourth trimester, you will love Daisy Tinies to get you started.

I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you in your exciting journey, whatever stage you are at.

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Keeley x

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