/ The Daisy Foundation with Kayleigh Burton

Can you do antenatal classes online?

At the start of 2020 it would’ve been inconceivable just how much our lives would need to, and manage to, pivot. How could we communicate with friends, family, near strangers effectively and meaningfully via video calls? Would it work? Would we have the patience to make it work? And yet, work it absolutely has!

Roll things back to early 2020 and all antenatal classes were running in-person, in a venue you’d travel a little, or a long, way to.

Week one you’d meet with a group of strangers, and over the weeks these strangers would become friends – you’d laugh together, wince together, share your worries, ask questions and grow together as a group.

You’d have turned up maybe a little nervous, or anxious, but excited and eager for all that was to come, and would’ve been empowered by what you’d learnt.

When classes had to switch to online delivery, we all wondered which of these elements we’d be able to keep, which would fall by the wayside… and thankfully none of them did!

Time for a bit of myth busting?

  1. I wanted to do antenatal classes to meet a new group of friends, I won’t be able to do that online.


    Everyone is in the same position and everyone else still wants to make new friends too (that support network is such a wonderful thing to have!). All our classes still run live, in real time (no pre-recorded content here!), over Zoom – we can still interact, talk, ask all the questions, and form the basis for those friendships. As standard you also get your own private WhatsApp group, to carry forward those in-class discussions. Some truly magical, meaningful and wonderful friendships have been forged over the last 12 months.

  2. Everything is so uncertain right now, it’s probably not worth doing any classes.


    Even if you’ve given birth before, this is the only time you’ll birth _this_ baby, and if this is your first baby, there’s so much to know, so it’s no less important now to become prepared, informed and empowered for labour, birth and caring for your new baby once they’re here, than it would’ve been a year ago. No content whatsoever has been cut from classes following the move to online delivery, so all the information you would’ve ordinarily received you will still get.

  3. I won’t have everything I need at home for classes, so I won’t be able to join in.


    Mostly you just need yourself (and your birth partner, depending upon the class you book). When there are some practical elements in the baby care weeks of Daisy Parent you’ll be able to easily improvise with things you’ll already have for baby. Other than this, you just need a device to dial in to the class, and a pen and paper (you can even join in wearing PJs, no judgement here!)

So, attend antenatal classes online and you will still be able to interact in a live environment, find your tribe and support network, and build lasting and wonderful friendships.

Attend antenatal classes online and you will still receive ALL the same information, no content will be cut from our classes or courses, so most importantly you are going to feel ready, and fully informed about labour, birth and caring for your little one once they arrive. All at the same time as benefitting from your own home comforts, no requirement to travel, no reliance upon someone else making tea and coffee as you like (I am an anxious hot drink maker under pressure!), and the knowledge that you’re not missing out on anything at all.

Therefore if you were to ask me “can you do antenatal classes online?”, I would say “you betcha, you’ll love them!”

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