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Welcome to Daisy Lanarkshire!

Hello and welcome! I’m Julie and I offer perinatal support and education to Mums and Families across the Lanarkshire, with classes currently based in Airdrie and Hamilton. I have over 9 years experience teaching Daisy birthing and baby classes and of course my own experience with my two children I brings a wealth of experience to my role as a Daisy Foundation Perinatal Educator.

Why choose Daisy?

Here at Daisy, my mission is to support and empower you to plan and experience a confident birth and early parenting journey.

I offer a selection of classes, workshops and group sessions that meet the needs of expectant mums and new parents from early pregnancy right through to toddlerhood – a continuous perinatal support that helps you to achieve a positive pregnancy, confident birth and an informed and supported journey to confident motherhood.

With my help and in the safety of your Daisy community you can positively impact your whole journey.

As a Mum myself, I have been through this wonderful but challenging transition to Motherhood. I know how tough it can be to navigate and cut through the overwhelm that can come from the confusing, and at times conflicting, advice out there! It’s my passion to make birth and parenthood a positive and empowering experience for all. I truly care about how you feel ahead of birth – how prepared, informed and empowered you are, and I want you to go in to it feeling amazing and excited, knowing that together, we’ve covered it all. As well as this, we can also look ahead to your first days, weeks,  months and years with baby too!

In the ‘My Classes’ section below, you will find more information on the classes and workshops I currently offer and the options to book.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to have a chat or need more information – it would be lovely to hear from you!

Email: julie-keys@thedaisyfoundation.com

Phone/Text: 07725408011

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaisyLanarkshire



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