/ The Daisy Foundation with Julia Iddir

Lets Doula this!

As well as offering the most awesome classes and workshops around, you can also book a free consulatation with me to see if you’d like a birth or postnatal doula to help you on this fantastic journey!


Find out more at www.juliaiddir.co.uk or sliiiiide into my emails for a chat!



/ The Daisy Foundation with Julia Iddir

Free Bundles

Just a little something from me to you, to keep busy while still focusing on the things that matter 🙂

Recent times have meant that a lot of classes have had to move online as and when guidance demands, and while our live and interactive classes and workshops are still as informative and fun as always, some of you are finding yourselves with hours to while away at home, so here are a couple of bundles I put together to help you pass some of that time a little more peacefully AND productively!

Head over to my blog to download your free bundle of Birth Affirmations or Mama Affirmations!



I’m a HUGE believer in the power of positive affirmations.

I used to have to ask my middle kid about eleventy billion times to put his clothes on after swimming (getting three kids dressed after swimming is not fun even at the best of times so this reeeeally tested my patience).  Then we started using affirmations.  The whole drive to the pool, while getting dressed to go in, and as soon as he came out we’d chant “I’m the best, I’m the best, I’m the best at getting dressed”.

Now, he’s always first!

Just sayin’ 😉

/ The Daisy Foundation with Julia Iddir

Welcome to Daisy Midlothian & Musselburgh

Hi, I’m Julia and I offer antenatal classes and workshops, and baby classes too, in and around Midlothian.

My range includes weekly women-only classes, workshops in birth, feeding and baby care, as well as Tinies and Wrigglers classes for baby, and a Mama class for postnatal women.

My background is in Psychology, but I’m currently training as a Birth and Postnatal Doula and have also done training as a BFN Breastfeeding Peer Supporter,  a Slingababy Baby Wearing Peer Supporter and in Aromatherapy.

My time is split between  juggling three small children, running up to 10 Daisy classes a week and also supporting local women’s wellbeing and small businesses in my other work-baby.

Details of all the classes I run can be found here on my page, but if you’d like to see more of what I do, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, check out some reviews of real, local parents or email me at julia-iddir@thedaisyfoundation.com.