/ The Daisy Foundation with Julia Arnold


I know before I hit the buy button I like to read a couple of reviews first, so here’s a selection of mine:

“I wanted to thank you for helping me to believe I could experience a positive birth. As you know M’s birth left me traumatised and i was very fearful of delivering again, But with the help of your classes and your positivity I became excited about the birth and had a positive outlook about labour. Needless to say my birth was the most amazing experience! It was truly beautiful. I used the techniques you taught and managed to deliver him in a space which was positive and calm. I can now join your club and say I enjoy birth! what a positive experience and I can’t thank you enough for enabling this to happen. I will always be grateful” (Megan, Birthing)

“Julia has created a warm and relaxed atmosphere for our private Active Birth workshop. She is knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic and both my husband & I felt very comfortable throughout and well-informed and reassured at the end. Highly recommended.” (Daria, ABW)

“Thank you so much Julia, so much information and definitely feel more prepared because of it, very pleased to know you’re on the end of the phone in case of urgent advice needs” Steph, Parent)

“must say a huge thank you Julia, I would not have coped had it not been for your classes! My anxiety did not take over once and the midwives said they had not seen anyone so focused! (Charlotte, Birthing)