5. Daisy Newborn Calm and Care Workshop

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Class Description

Our Daisy Newborn baby workshop in Welwyn is for you in the very early days of parenthood. We will help you calm your baby, understanding their cues, soothe any discomforts and care for their needs. All as you learn to understand them.

When it comes to early parenting we can sometimes feel like we are missing the instruction manual for the baby!  I will help you learn to understand your baby, their own unique needs and communication style. Our newborn baby workshop in Welwyn first takes the best elements of parenting classes. We then include elements from baby calming workshops, baby massage and newborn education. Finally we wrap all of these together in a powerful educational model that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can understand your baby.

What to expect from the workshop

Our unique Newborn Calm & Care format draws on elements of baby care, parenting classes, sleep advice and baby calming techniques to create one very powerful combination. You’ll learn to help ease infant colic, learn calming holds, winding and safe sleep. Next we’ll delve into common feeding issues such as reflux and learn techniques to help. Then we’ll cover expectations around the 4th trimester and how movement, holding, and calming methods can support that. There will also be time to chat, ask questions and to learn to look after yourself in those early days of parenting. Understanding how your birth can impact the early days of parenting is another helpful topic we’ll discuss. We’ll practice some easy and helpful baby massage and yoga techniques too.

We’ve got you covered to help you navigate those early days.

Who is the workshop for and what is the cost?

Daisy Newborn Calm & Care workshops are for new parents and their little one, perfect when baby is around 2-6 weeks old, and are suitable for all feeding and parenting choices. Workshops are run privately. Each workshop is 3 hours long and costs £90.

Your newborn baby workshop can take place at your home, either on a weekend morning 10-1pm or at a mutually convenient time to be discussed.

This workshop is the perfect first step towards you joining our Daisy Tinies classes in Welwyn. Details can be found https://thedaisyfoundation.com/jilly-clarke/

To book please contact me on the email address on phone number below to discuss dates.

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Private 3hr workshop session

5. Daisy Newborn Calm and Care Workshop


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