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Class Description

Our Daisy Infant Feeding workshop – breastfeeding class in Welwyn. 

A workshop for expectant mums to attend either alone or with their partner.  Understand your feeding choices, then explore both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding options. Cut through the myths and challenges, and prepare for your own confident feeding journey.

When it comes to feeding your baby it seems everyone has an opinion, it can be such an emotive subject. Daisy helps you, as expectant parents, prepare for the confident feeding journey that is right for you.

Our unique Daisy Infant Feeding Workshop draws the best of breastfeeding education, responsive bottle feeding knowledge, peer support and parent preparation to create one very powerful combination.

           This knowledge packed workshop forms part of our longer Antenatal Course, Daisy Parent – click the link to view.

We’ll cover:

      • About baby’s cues and signs of hunger.
      • Best positions for you and baby to feed in and how to feed.
      • How often baby should feed and for how long.
      • Similarly, how to understand when baby is getting milk and swallowing.
      • How to feed, get a good latch and maintain it for a feed.
      • All about expressing milk and why you might need to do it.
      • How to store expressed milk properly.
      • Bottle feeding and what responsive bottle feeding is.
      • What to do and where to go if you are concerned, feel pain or are worried.
      • What equipment you might encounter, need and want.
      • Understanding breastfeeding challenges to exploring other options

We’ve got you covered.

Important class information

Daisy Infant Feeding workshops are for expectant or new mums, either alone or with their partner. Suitable to attend at any stage of pregnancy or the very early days with baby. Designed to support your informed and confident feeding choices.

When: Click on the white date box, which brings up all the dates available.

Duration: Workshops are 2.5 hours long.

Where: Penn Clinic, Hatfield

Cost: £40 per couple.

I look forward to welcoming you to your Daisy Infant Feeding Workshop. Your breastfeeding class in Welwyn.

Additional information


Tuesday 31st August, Tuesday 1st February, Tuesday 22nd March (waiting list), Tuesday 10th May, Tuesday 6th September, Tuesday 18th October, Tuesday 6th December

4. Daisy Infant Feeding Workshop


If your desired workshop is showing as unavailable or you have not received joining instructions with less than a week to go before the first session please contact me directly by email at jilly-clarke@thedaisyfoundation.com

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