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Looking for an antenatal class in Herts? You will want to look into our Daisy Foundation classes. NCT Herts

Daisy Foundation antenatal classes in and around Welwyn, Ware and Hitchin. NCT Herts.

We run Daisy Parent full antenatal courses for pregnant person and their birth partner.  Daisy Birthing active antenatal classes for pregnancy. Daisy Active Birth workshops 

Our classes are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy and can be attended up until your due date. Your choices are movement based hypnobirthing practice, a full labour, birth and postnatal course, to meet friends or something to attend with your partner then we have you covered.

Daisy Parent

A practical and fun antenatal course for expectant parents. We can help you and your partner confidently prepare for birth and life with baby. We have designed the course with up to date and evidence based education. This ensures you have all the education, tools and support you could need. We help you to truly prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby.

Daisy Active Birth Workshops

A 4 hours antenatal workshop for mum and her birth partner covering everything you need to know about labour. You’ll get expert advice to help you achieve an active, informed and confident birth. You will both get the space to prepare as a team. To confidently plan for your baby’s birth day.

Daisy Birthing

This a weekly antenatal class for pregnancy. Our very own pregnancy yoga based class. Now you can enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile with our yoga based movement, learn hypnobirthing techniques, meet new friends to share the journey and learn about your changing baby and body. All while preparing for a confident birth.

Your teachers are Jilly in Welwyn, Keeley in Ware, and Julia in Hitchin

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