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Choosing a baby class – Baby classes Welwyn Garden City

 Why might a Daisy baby class be just what you are looking for. Baby classes Welwyn Garden

Congratulations, you’ve had a baby! The nights are long, the days are even longer. Once you are past the complete overwhelm that being a new parent can so often bring, the pressure starts to mount to attend a baby class. How do you know which class is going to be the best fit when there are so many to choose from? Baby classes Welwyn Garden

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There are a lot of different baby classes in Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City. It is likely that whatever one you attend (or more, the more the merrier in my opinion! Honestly, sign up to them all and go to all the drop-in groups!) will be similar others. You will find signing classes, baby massage, sensory, music, swimming and even messy play. Classes that concentrate on one thing, and others that include a whole variety of elements rolled into one. There are classes that use expensive props to help baby’s development, and there are ones that teach you a skill e.g. swimming or signing.

Finding the one for you can be tricky amongst the noise of advertisements.

Here is some advice…

Firstly, in the early days with a new baby YOU are the most important thing. Any class advertising that you need to attend their class to boost baby’s intelligence or give them something that you cannot give them instinctively is not what you need as a new parent. Find a class that genuinely supports connection; helping to grow the bond between you and baby but also between you and others going through the same thing! A class that can boost your confidence in parenting your child, not tell you how to do something.

Secondly, really look at what you are signing up for. If a class is 30 minutes long and there are 5 classes on that day it is possible that you will sit down, do a bunch of activities, and get ushered out again. Going to a class and not talking to anybody is the worst.

Thirdly, try and get a good idea of the teacher before you sign up. Do they show themselves on social media so you can get an idea of what to expect? There will be teachers or leaders who you naturally warm to and others who you’d rather avoid. It is hard if you’ve signed up for a full 12 week term and you don’t like who is leading. It can be hard to summon the motivation to go after a hard night.

A Daisy baby class – Daisy Tinies

Our Tinies baby classes are for our smallest members of the community. When they are teeny, often 6 weeks or younger and up to around 4.5 months, all they want is you. We nurture that connection. We nurture all connection.

At the start of every class I go around and ask everyone how they are and how their week has been. This starts off so many conversations and allows questions to be asked, and any milestones to be celebrated. It is SO important for new parents to talk so we dedicate a good portion of the class to this. It is likely that baby is feeding or asleep from the journey for the first little while of the class so we use that time to get to know everyone.

Each baby class is split into six segments, each one is short and flows into the next section. We know that babies need cuddles, feeding, changing, winding and so many other things. The class follows the same format and mostly the same activities each week. One week baby might be unsettled, but the next week they might be able to join in.

You will find that every activity involves you engaging with baby. Cuddling and moving them around, playing tracking games, helping them find your face as you move around. Doing baby massage and yoga soft stretch together, playing movement games and even relaxing together. Nurturing that connection with you.

Carefully constructed classes

Everything that we do has a purpose, to help with baby’s development, to aid bonding, or to relieve some common postnatal discomfort. Our baby massage segment even helps to ease some of baby’s discomfort like wind or tight muscles from birth.

You will get a chance to learn some self-relaxation techniques at the end of every class too. Some gentle guided breathing and gentle movements to help you ease tense muscles. You might not be able to lie down and fall asleep. But to get 5 minutes at the end to quieten your mind as you rest and focus on yourself can recharge you amazingly.

Daisy Tinies is a feel good class.