/ The Daisy Foundation with Iwona Mattock

Little hello from your new local Daisy Teacher

Hello and welcome to the Daisy Foundation. I am your new local Daisy Teacher. I would like to tell you a bit more about myself and the reason why I decided to become a Daisy Teacher.

I live in Sheffield with my husband, our two beautiful children, a cat  and a dog.

Following my pregnancies, two very different births (natural and c-section) and pregnancy losses I have decided to become a perinatal educator to support expectant parents during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  As I know first hand how challenging, anxious, uncertain this time can be and I would like to empower you and provide you all the information you need to make informed choices that are right for you and your baby.

I have attended Daisy Birthing and Baby classes in Lancashire with my first born. During my first pregnancy I did not know what to expect will happen during birth . Daisy provided me with all the information I needed for my confident birth. I have learnt that it is ok to question decisions that are made about you and your baby and it is also ok to decide that you want to follow your own motherly instinct and go with what  think is best for you and your baby. Daisy Baby classes were my weekly go to for a bit of sanity, they provided me with a peer support I really needed especially during the first few months of my motherhood. I have made great friends and felt empowered to breastfeed in public, which was absolutely petrifying to start with.

Unfortunately, last year during my second pregnancy I could not find any local Daisy Teachers in Sheffield. I was very disappointed as I really wanted to take my little boy to Daisy Baby classes and meet some new mummy friends in my local area. Therefore, I have decided to become a Daisy Teacher myself.

I cannot wait to meet you all and create our local Daisy community where we can support and empower each other.

Love Iwona x