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Class Description

Daisy Parent is a comprehensive, practical and fun antenatal course for expectant parents designed to ensure you have all the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby. 

When it comes to preparing for your baby’s birth and caring for their needs in the early days, any number of emotions can overwhelm us. There are so many confusing guides, check lists, shopping lists, experts and education that it can be hard to know where to start, let alone be on the same page with your partner! Daisy Parent helps you not only prepare for a confident birth but prepare for confident parenting in the early days of caring for your newborn baby.

Daisy Parent draws on elements of active birth, hypnobirthing, parentcraft and traditional antenatal classes. This key step of your continuous perinatal support wraps all of these together in a powerful workshop experience that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can do this together. From birth plans to massage in labour, informed choice to packing hospital bags and feeding your baby to changing their nappy – we’ve got you covered.

Daisy Parent course includes: antenatal education, active birth education, assisted birth education, birth breathing,  massage techniques, birth preferences, role of birth partner, parenting choices, postnatal care, baby care with practical demonstrations, calming techniques for baby, the fourth trimester, sleep, infant feeding, baby safety, calming techniques, active bonding.

Daisy Parent workshops are for expectant mums, alone or with their co-parent and/or birth partner. Courses are suitable to attend from 28 weeks pregnant right up until baby’s birth, and are adapted to suit all pregnancy related conditions, birth plans and parenting choices with ease. Courses are designed to support your learning in a relaxed and flexible way with no awkward ice breakers or role play!

The complete Daisy Parent course is 15 hours in total, delivered over 6 x 2.5 hour weekly sessions, which includes our Daisy Parent Birth Workshop (3 weeks) our Daisy Parent Infant Feeding Workshop (1 week) and our Daisy Parent Baby/Postnatal Workshop (2 weeks)

You can book these as individual workshops, subject to availability, or as a full comprehensive Daisy Parent course.

Workshop 1 – The Daisy Parent Birth Preparation (weeks 1,2+3) 

This workshop is designed for Mum to be and their birth supporter We cover traditional antenatal education combined with looking at induction and medical interventions in an understandable way should your birth take that route. This combination ensures you are actively informed and prepared to make choices for you and you baby on your birthing day. We teach evidence-based education that is inclusive of birth preference and parenting methods. We recommend you attend courses in conjunction with any classes that may be provided by your local maternity unit or hospital. In our workshops not only are you given the additional benefit of time and individual attention, but you also gain a deeper confidence and understanding through exploring techniques and key topics with your birth partner.

Workshop 2 – The Daisy Parent Infant Feeding Workshop (week 4)

This workshop is for either expectant Mums alone or with their birth partner to help understand your feeding choices explore both breastfeeding and bottle feeding options, cut through the myths and challenges and prepare for your own confident feeding journey.

Workshop 3 – The Daisy Parent Baby/Postnatal Workshop (week 5 + 6)

This workshop guides you through practical baby care activities including topping and tailing, nappy changing, bathing and dressing using all the up to date recommendations. You will see in action practical demonstrations with the opportunity for you both to join in if you wish. Not only will you learn the ‘how to’ along with any alternative options available but also hints, tips and education behind the methods. From understanding baby care choices you can navigate through the myriad of products, clothing, gadgets and equipment which can be overwhelming when planning for baby’s early days. Baby safety covers many topics from an accident prevention perspective. You will also learn about safe sleep guidelines, sterilising methods and product safety. 

Your course is held on a Monday evenings at 7pm-9.30pm throughout the year with new participants joining us at the beginning of each course or workshop start date.

On the calendar you can see all the start dates available to join. Where availability to join a course or workshop is not shown or listed as full, please enquire via email.


I look forward to welcoming you to your Daisy Parent Course or Workshop.



3. Daisy Parent Birth and Baby Care Preparation Workshop


Daisy Parent course/workshop runs on Monday evenings from 7-9.30pm.

Venue: Tesco Community Space within Tesco Extra Newmarket store.

Where availability to join a course or workshop is listed as full, please enquire via email. Enquiries to: helen-plumb@thedaisyfoundation.com

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