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My ‘why’ Daisy matters in pregnancy and early motherhood.

Hello! I’m Helen, your local Daisy teacher and Mummy to three Daisy babies. I wanted to share a little of what Daisy means to me and why I love teaching antenatal and baby classes in Newmarket and the surrounding areas.

Daisy has played a huge role in parenthood for me since I started my journey as a first time Mum to be not knowing or believing birth could be positive and really expecting the worst. The stories you hear about birth subconsciously or consciously throughout life can often be negative and they are never more ‘lovingly’ shared than when  you announce to family, friends and colleagues that you are expecting. So its easy to feel that in the end it’s inevitable to have no control over your own birth! Right?

I myself at an early stage of motherhood wondered whether preparing for birth and baby could actually make a difference and as for parenting, I’m not sure I thought much past the birth. That part works itself out surely?

Cue Daisy..

I simply LOVED the weekly time to myself at Daisy Birthing classes to share my pregnancy with other local Mums to be, bond with baby and ease away pregnancy niggles. A whole 90 minutes each week for just baby and I all rounded up with a blissful birth hypnosis relaxation that I would have been in it for alone! I listened well and hoped the combination of yoga moves, relaxation and breathing techniques, birth hypnosis and active antenatal education would help me when my birthing day arrived. There is always more to learn about birth and Daisy manages to keep it current, uncomplicated and educate you in a way thats easy to understand. Its about birth choices with antenatal education that is evidenced based helping you to be informed and make the choices that are right for you and your family.

And so followed a surprise as to how much I did know. Instinctively I started to move and breathe my way through each stage of labour whilst keeping (relatively!) calm, confident and in control. Daisy really did its magic. I was in awe then and I have never stopped being amazed by Daisy since. It mixes together the perfect ingredients for pregnancy, birth and early motherhood whilst always placing Mum at the centre. No judgement but support and understanding just where it is needed most. The great days, the tough days, the in-between days, Daisy and the community you find within, has your back.

My pregnancy, birthing and early parenting experience would have quite different without Daisy playing the key role it has had in them and I am so happy to know Daisy continues to make this difference to families in our local area. Maybe you are a first time Mum who has some or no idea about birth. Maybe you are a second or fifth time Mum that would like to refresh or explore a more positive journey. Maybe you believe it can be different to the stories you have heard or experience you recall having. Daisy is available to support you from 14 weeks of pregnancy through to when baby is confidently on the move.

Alongside our weekly Daisy Birthing classes for Mum to be, 4 hour – Active Birth Workshops and fully comprehensive – Daisy Parent Antenatal and Baby Care courses ensure you AND your birth partner are well informed. Just like any important life milestone, preparation is key! Taking the time to prepare for birth and baby together means you are able to spend dedicated time together planning and supporting each other in birth, infant feeding and baby care. There are so many benefits of painting the picture together of what your own personal preferences might look like and so much better to consider this with research ahead of babies birthing day. Daisy Parent or Active Birth can help support your learning together alongside Mum to be only Daisy Birthing weekly classes or as a stand alone workshop or fully comprehensive course.

If you missed us during your birth experience or it just want the right time for you at Daisy then we welcome you to join us at Daisy Baby classes. As a perinatal educator I am also here to support you postnatally from 6 weeks through to when baby is firmly on the move. Daisy Baby Tinies, Wrigglers or Cruisers classes are age appropriate, non judgemental and welcoming of all parenting choices. In those early weeks of the fourth trimester when everything is so overwhelming, there is no manual and so many choices, Tinies classes are available for Mum and baby during this transition to parenting. In a calming and soothing space we learn baby massage and share postnatal movement together. As you move on from the fourth trimester, your baby will be developing social skills and engaging with the wonderful world around them. We enjoy this stage together at Daisy Baby Wrigglers and Cruisers classes where we share baby yoga, sensory experiences, story, rhyme time and plenty of songs together in a fun stimulating environment. As we continue through to a more independent stage for baby our Wrigglers evolve into Cruisers where our yoga movement adapts to support them. At all Daisy Baby classes, we continue to share educational themes that are appropriate to your baby’s developmental milestones. In short we work through the highs and low of parenting together until you are rocking it with your own little Daisy community in Newmarket and the surrounding areas.

I am so proud of the wonderful community Daisy parents work hard to create in our local area and I enjoy seeing how these friendships like little seedlings are planted, grown and nurtured through the years that follow.

So that’s my ‘what’ Daisy means to me.

If you would like to know more about how The Daisy Foundation Antenatal and Baby Newmarket, Red Lodge and The Surrounding  areas can support you with  you from 14 weeks of pregnancy through to toddlerhood,  please do ask. No question is out of the ordinary because I have been there just like you trying to figure this out. First time, second time, third time and I still am but now with just slightly older children!

Enquires to helen-plumb@thedaisyfoundation.com




I look forward to meeting you and you little one/s very soon.


My third Daisy birth in 2017.x