/ The Daisy Foundation with Helen Plumb

Welcome to Daisy Newmarket, Burwell and Red Lodge

Helen offers continuous perinatal support and perinatal education to Mums and Families across the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk area with mums and families from the wider region attending her classes and workshops, which are centralised in Newmarket. With her own personal experience of having three children whilst being supported by Daisy during birth and early parenting she brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Daisy Foundation Perinatal Educator.

The classes on offer at your local Daisy community are:

Daisy Baby Tinies– A weekly postnatal class for mum and baby in the ‘fourth trimester’ to help you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby. Our unique fourth trimester mum and baby class draws on elements of baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal movement and baby care education to create one very powerful combination. From easing infant ailments, aiding their development, adapting to your postnatal body and easing in to your new role amongst friends – we’ve got you covered.