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Whatever stage of pregnancy or early parenting you are at, whether it be antenatal classes or pregnancy yoga, baby massage or breastfeeding support you seek – your Daisy Teacher has the perfect class, workshop or session to give you the confidence and knowledge you need at every step of the journey.

What makes Daisy® so different?

Daisy is not just an antenatal class, a hypnobirthing or pregnancy yoga alternative or a baby massage or yoga class – it offers a continuous perinatal support at a time when you need it most. Daisy offers complete choice, evidence based education, unconditional support and puts mum at the heart of this amazing journey to confident motherhood. Through our comprehensive range of classes and workshops from early pregnancy until baby is 2 years old you can trust that Daisy has your back at every step.

“Not only did the breathing techniques help me through labour but the classes allowed me time to bond with my bump and I made friends for life.”

What do I need to know?

We have Daisy Teachers across the vast majority of the country and it’s easy to find your own local Daisy Teacher and community. First just add your nearest main town in to the town search box – this will show you if your local area has a Daisy Teacher (our Teachers have responsibility for their own little area in the map). If you don’t find one from your town that doesn’t mean you don’t have a teacher nearby! You can use the filter search to look at your wider area to see all of your local options. Your Daisy Teacher is there for you on this amazing 1001 day journey of continuous perinatal support to confident motherhood.

Who are classes for?

The Daisy range of classes, workshops and sessions are designed to support mum at every stage of the journey from early pregnancy until 2 years postnatally. Some of our workshops are designed for mum and birth partner or co-parent and of course many are for mum and baby – you can find out more on each of the individual class pages.

Classes are commonly booked in blocks of 6 weeks at a time and workshops booked invidually. Some of our teachers even offer our amazing value Daisy Magic Plan! If your local teacher has one of our Daisy Magic Plan icons on their page you’re in for a treat!

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