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The 4th Trimester

💫The 4th Trimester
May be an image of text that says "Womb World DARK LIGHT MUFFLED SOUNDS LOUD WARM COLD SNUG OPEN SPACE AQUATIC AIR ALWAYS HELD mrduu HELD FAR LESS NAKED CLOTHED NO HUNGER HUNGER AND THIRST "Your baby doesn't magically transform into a different life form at the moment of birth- he is the same person he was just a minute before So, the first three months of life are like a fourth trimester, and should be treated as gentle entry into this world- with respect and loving care. -Elizabeth Pantley"
This is not a medical term but perceiving the first 12 weeks of baby’s life as the 4th trimester provides a way of gently aiding baby to adjust to the world outside of the womb and helps you as new parents to cope with the first few weeks of your baby’s life.
Imagine how a newborn baby is feeling in their new environment in comparison with the environment they enjoyed for 9 months in the womb.
💜Warm, snug and held
💜Hearing the constant swooshing of water
💜Buoyant in warm water
💜Enjoying the constant jiggling of movement
While inside the womb, baby never experienced hunger, thirst or trapped wind. Baby’s environment was constant – there were no strange smells or feelings of being too hot or too cold. Mum was always there, catering for their every need while providing that reassuring rocking motion of her movement and the sound of her voice.
As a result, life outside the womb is quite a shock for baby – life as they knew it has completely changed. Newborns are unable to fend for themselves, and they rely on their parents to provide for their every need. When their needs are not met, the only way baby can communicate is to cry.
It is also a great change for you! Your body has done something incredible – to carry and birth a baby, but it is also incredibly huge. You are experiencing many changes both emotionally and physically.
As a new Mum you are often exhausted as you adapt to life at home with a new baby, getting to know your new baby and how to meet all their needs, and realize the responsibility of motherhood. It is normal to feel anxious, exhausted but unable to sleep, overwhelmed by new responsibility and unable to concentrate.
💫So be kind to yourself in the stage.
💫Ask for help and support.
💫Enjoy the small moments.
Here is a lovely article to give you a small insight into the 4th trimester.
Daisy Tinies classes are perfect for the 4th trimester as they are kept calm and relaxed and completely baby-led! If baby needs to feed, be changed, sleep or cry, we go with it! The structure of the classes stays the same, week from week – building a familiarity of the class and encouraging a feeling of a safe space.
If you would like to book on to a class click the link Daisy Tinies Baby Classes – Emma Lowe (thedaisyfoundation.com) or if you have a question, do not hesitate to get in touch, I would be happy to help.