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Baby Massage Classes – Southport & Formby

Looking for a baby massage class in Southport & Formby?

Not sure about baby massage?

If you are anything like me you may be a bit sceptical of all the baby massage classes that seem to have popped up and deemed as a MUST do for newborns and new mothers. Personally I didn’t want to spend money on something I could do at home and that felt simple enough to do as a new mum.

Oooohhh how I was wrong! Yes massage can and should be done at home. Yes it is simple. No, I did not know of all the techniques. No, I did not know of all the benefits for a baby to receive massage. I did not consider the mental impact it would have- me getting out the house and learning in a fun group environment and benefiting from all that lovely oxytocin.

It’s hard weighing up the pennies of maternity pay and what you find as beneficial when let’s be honest, half the time baby is either feeding or having their nappy changed during a class.

But this is why I love Daisy Baby Tinies so much! It provides so much valuable content in an impactful, balanced and worthwhile hour session for baby and YOU. There is absolutely no pressure to get through a whole routine, in fact the massage section of the class is only 15 minutes long unlike the usual hour in other massage classes. No matter how that hour goes, if baby has been crying and you’re feeling exhausted or baby has fed for the majority of the class and you’re feeling touched out. The massage learnt can be practiced at any time and the guided relaxation at the end can be done how ever you find yourself… whilst standing up bobbing your baby or cross legged feeding and swaying… Because learning to relax whilst mumming is a whole new VERY IMPORTANT skill to be learnt and you’re important (plus you paid and should get just as much out of the class as baby has). As well as all the other benefits Daisy Baby Tinies has that can be found here.

Daisy Baby Tinies

Here’s a list of some great evidence based, physiological benefits that may help you decide that learning baby massage is actually pretty awesome in so many ways:

  • Enhances there cognitive development
  • Enhance their physical development
  • Enhances their proprioceptive development
  • Enhances the bond between the person giving the massage and baby receiving it
  • Enhances mood for both baby and person giving the massage
  • Strengthens the digestive system
  • Improves baby’s circulation
  • Deepens and regulates baby’s breathing
  • Increases levels of oxygen in the bloodstream
  • Increases the immune system
  • Increases concentration
  • Reduces negative emotions and fussiness
  • Eases gas and colic
  • Relieves tension in both baby and massage touch giver
  • Improves skin condition
  • Reduces pain level including teething pain
  • Alleviates nasal congestion
  • Helps premature babies gain weight
  • Builds positive sleep patterns and deeper sleep

Wow the power of positive touch!

During class I show you different techniques, short routines, link song to the movements to help you remember them after class and lead discussions on key topics around all things parenthood. From how do babies get so much fluff in between their little fingers to ways of developing an infants vestibular system.

To book on a class click the link below:

Daisy Tinies Baby Classes – Emma Lowe (thedaisyfoundation.com)

I hope to see you in a class soon.