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Birth Partners – Supporting someone through birth

Supporting somebody through birth is a privilege.

It can be beautiful, awe-inspiring and intense but, it can also be scary, stressful and exhausting.

It is really important for your birth partner to have some preparation for their role. They are there for you, not to witness the birth. It’s not really fair to just ask them to ‘be a support’ – they need practical tips.

If you are pregnant, help your birth partner prepare by:
⭐ Writing your birth plan with them so they understand what is important to you⁣
⭐ Talking positively about birth together so they can see that birth is something to look forward to and be excited for⁣
⭐ Learning hypnobirthing together, it gives your birth partner practical tips to help you relax⁣
⭐ Going to antenatal classes together so they understand the birth process, this will give them confidence in your body⁣

If you are going to support somebody through birth, your role is to help them stay calm and relaxed, feel safe and secure and to reduce tension and anxiety. You can do this by:⁣
⭐ Having the confidence to be her cheerleader; tell her how amazing she is doing and how proud you are of her⁣
⭐ Encouraging her to relax her face, jaw, and shoulders, don’t suggest she squeezes your hand as this builds tension⁣
⭐ Making a birth playlist⁣
⭐ Setting up her essential oil diffuser⁣
⭐ Massaging her back⁣
⭐ Running her a bath and lighting some candles when you’re home⁣
⭐ Reminding her to drink, and snack if she feels like it⁣

Our Active Birth Workshops can help you both prepare for you confident birth TOGETHER!

When it comes to preparing for your baby’s birth – making the time to prepare as a team with your birth partner in a way that works for you both and your own unique hopes can be challenging. The Daisy Birthing Active Birth Workshop helps all those who are pregnant and their birth companion prepare for an active and confident birth together. This second step of your continuous perinatal support takes the best elements of traditional antenatal education workshops and hypnobirthing and wraps all of these together in a powerful workshop that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can both do this.

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