/ The Daisy Foundation with Emma Lowe

Why Pregnancy Yoga?

I have been asked many times how Daisy Birthing classes can help during pregnancy and labour, and there are many reasons. One of the great things about the classes is the pregnancy yoga aspect.

Even if you have never stepped foot on a yoga mat before, you may be drawn to yoga during your pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga can provide a safe and supportive way to move your body in pregnancy, working with your pregnant body as it grows and changes.

Here are some of the many reasons pregnancy yoga can help you during your pregnancy.



You are doing something amazing and beautiful when growing your baby but as your baby grows and changes so does your body as a mother to be. This can sometimes be difficult for some women both physically and mentally. Using gentle yoga movements can ease out the sides of the body, tension and tightness in the upper back and shoulders, and stretches out the legs helping to relax the compression of the lower back. All of this can make your journey through pregnancy more relaxed and at ease.



Throughout all our classes we practise what is called the centred breath. This is a deep diaphragmatic breath helping Mums to calm and settle their mind giving them time to connect with their baby. I still find I use this breath today when I need a moment to calm, before I engage with my little ones or when I am settling down to sleep at night. This breath will become the anchor for your labour to help you stay focussed, calm and relaxed throughout. We also discuss how we can change our breathing as your labour progresses, something I was SO grateful for during both of my labours.



Finding strength in you body in pregnancy can be so beneficial, getting your body strong to carry your baby through your pregnancy and ready for the physical demands of labour too. It’s no secret that giving birth will take a lot out of you physically, this is why it is called ‘labour’ but being prepared can really help. I was so nervous about giving birth the first time as I wasn’t an active or physical woman and wondered whether I would be able to cope. But having the knowledge of the different yoga movements I can use throughout my pregnancy and labour gave me the confidence and strength to believe I could do it!



This was something very special to me when I started Daisy classes, meeting other women in the same situation as me. Being able to share my worries and concerns about the upcoming labour and becoming a Mum and knowing I wouldn’t be judged. I had a safe place where I could vent and cry about not finding a comfortable position to sleep in and also share the wonderful feeling of that first kick I felt inside my tummy. All these Mums then went on to be good friends, helping each other through this huge time of change.



In Daisy Birthing classes a space is created in which you can slow down and really connect with yourself, your amazing pregnant body and your baby growing inside of you. It’s so valuable to have that opportunity to get comfortable with your body while going through the many changes pregnancy brings and finding out why they are happening. I always looked forward to this special time every week when I carried both of my children. With my first child, it was a special time where I could learn about the different changes my body was going through and how these changes were helping to prepare me for my upcoming labour. With my second child, it was chance to have some time out (because let’s be honest, there isn’t much chance to have time out when you are also caring for a toddler at home!) I could relax, reset and recharge, all while bonding with my baby growing inside of me.


So, there it is, just a FEW of the many reasons why pregnancy yoga can help. Relaxation, body awareness, connection, friendships, the list really does go on. There are so many other things that I haven’t mentioned like, helping to ease pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, strengthening your pelvic floor (as well as knowing how to release it too) and improving your sleep. I truly enjoyed my time being pregnant and I believe pregnancy yoga played a big part in this.


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