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A Labour of Love – Local Birth Stories

A  L A B O U R  O F  L O  V  E

A weekly series of local birth stories to provide insight to expectant parents of labour and birth in the local area.

No birth is the same as another but understanding the choices we may need to make and beginning to visualise our birth with confidence can start with understanding your local birth services.

This first story is a lovely positive experience where Mum knew what she wanted and how she facilitated those choices.

D & R

Despite choosing not to have a home birth I spent a lot of time whilst pregnant convincing myself that when the time came (I was in labour) I wanted to stay at home as long as possible. This was important to me and as such I knew I needed to prepare myself and find the education to support this.

My best friend had actually attended daisy birthing classes when pregnant with another educator and had said how much she gained from them. Upon her recommendation I booked in with Ellie on her active antenatal classes.

When labour finally arrived I was 8 days overdue. I began experiencing back ache early in the morning and small waves of pain that was infrequent. Later that morning I attended a post dates clinic appointment for aromatherapy only to be told I was 2cms dilated.
Sure enough from there onwards the contractions grew in frequency and intensity.
I spent the rest of the day at home putting into practice what I had learnt with Ellie. I can say whole heartedly that the visuals, breathing and education I had learnt in active birthing supported me in achieving my aim. In our classes together Ellie had spoke about understanding your body and knowing when labour was progressing – something I was very conscious to know as this was my first pregnancy. On that day I truly felt like I really knew when the time was right for us to leave home for hospital.

When we arrived at hospital and we’re checked in I was examined by a midwife and at that stage was 8cms dilated! Myself and partner were in shock but I vividly remember the emotion – relief to know my baby and I had got to that point in the journey by ourselves in the environment I had wished for.

I went on to give birth a few hours later… that time flew by and throughout the whole process I felt like I was in control. Ellie gave me that control by preparing me with such important education. I made vital choices about my labour because I knew in advance what my options were and what was important to me.



Ellie Schurer-Lewis
/ The Daisy Foundation with Ellie Schurer-Lewis

Welcome to Daisy Alsager, Congleton and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to The Daisy Foundation for Alsager, Congleton and the surrounding areas. The home of antenatal, pregnancy and baby classes in your area. 

Firstly, congratulations on your journey into pregnancy, parenthood and beyond!

My name is Ellie, I am your local Perinatal Educator and a mum to two children.

As a mum I fully understand how daunting the prospect of a new baby can be, either as a first time parent or making a new addition into your family unit. Also having attended Daisy Foundation classes myself as a new mum, I understand how important it is to have a support network around you during this time. The information I can offer can instil confidence for you throughout your journey and help you create your very own ‘village’.

In our classes I provide a safe space for you to explore your choices and make empowered decisions. This is supported with evidence based research and non-judgemental support. I help you do this whether you are finding tools for breathing and relaxation in birthing classes or bonding and communicating with your little ones in Baby classes.

Being part of a supportive community is important and our classes provide plenty of opportunities to meet other parents in your local community to chat and share your experiences. I help support this with a dedicated WhatsApp group for each class and regular email updates following up on our class discussions.

We offer antenatal classes from 14 weeks of pregnancy and a selection of baby classes, from newborn and beyond.


All birthing and baby classes are currently held in person within the most up to date covid related guidelines with ongoing reviews to ensure we remain a safe space .

Please scroll down to ‘My Classes’ to see current class availability.  For further information you can contact me on ellie-schurer-lewis@thedaisyfoundation.com.

I look forward to meeting you very soon!

Ellie x

Antenatal Classes

Daisy Birthing – A weekly antenatal class for all those who are pregnant to help you enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile, learn about your changing baby and body and prepare for a confident birth. Our unique Active Antenatal method draws on elements of active birth, pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and antenatal education to create one very powerful combination. From easing pregnancy ailments, adapting to your changing body, preparing for birth and informing your own individual choices – we’ve got you covered.

Daisy Parent– A comprehensive workshop series for expectant parents designed to ensure you have all the education, tools and support you could need as you prepare confidently for your upcoming birth and the early days of caring for your new baby. Our entirely comprehensive Daisy Parent format draws on elements of active birth, parentcraft and traditional antenatal classes to create one very powerful combination.  From birth plans to massage in labour, informed choice to packing hospital bags and feeding your baby to changing their nappy – we’ve got you covered.

Daisy Active Birth Workshop – A workshop for all those who are pregnant and their birth companion that will not only cover all of the basics of antenatal education and an active, informed birth but also give you both the space to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your baby’s birthing day. Our unique Active Antenatal Birth method draws on elements of traditional active birth, hypnobirthing and antenatal education to create one very powerful combination. From understanding the stages of labour to working with gravity to support your baby’s birth, massage for labour and informing your own individual choices – we’ve got you covered.

Baby Classes

Daisy Baby Tinies – A weekly postnatal class for all those who are physically recovering from birth and their baby in the ‘fourth trimester’ – to help you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby. Our unique fourth trimester class draws on elements of baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal movement and baby care education.