/ The Daisy Foundation with Ellie Schurer-Lewis

Why I became a Daisy Teacher

I thought the best way to start off would be to introduce myself and offer a little insight as to why I became a Daisy Teacher.

Following the birth of my second baby I decided to train as a Perinatal Educator to support expectant parents during their journey through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Knowing first hand the challenges that can come with pregnancy and beyond but also that it can be an incredibly exciting time, creates a minefield of questions and information across several areas. This can be from social media, google searches and surrounding friends and parents. I wanted to create a space that offered the chance for you to access education that will empower your decisions and make informed choices for you and your baby.

Being completely clueless when I was pregnant with my first baby and through the recommendation of a good friend, I attended Daisy birthing classes and subsequently baby classes. They gave me information of what to expect from birth and all the information I would need to make informed choices when the time came to bring my little ones into the world. It gave me the confidence to vocalise what I wanted and trust what my body was telling me.

Attending the Daisy baby classes gave me my ‘village’ of local mums, some of whom have become life long friends through this journey of motherhood. It gave me a safe space to ask questions and gain support form peers going through similar experiences and gain other perspectives.

Having had such a positive introduction to motherhood because of my own journey with Daisy, I wanted to create that space and become a teacher myself to build a community full of informed and supported parents.

I look forward to sharing this experience with other parents and meeting you soon!

Ellie x