/ The Daisy Foundation with Ellie Schurer-Lewis

What to Pack? Packing for Labour and Birth.

It’s finally here! The third trimester of pregnancy! And typically when expectant parents begin to think about the practicalities of giving birth, the main one being ‘What do I take to hospital?’. Now whether you’re a procrastinator like me or supper organised, the list below is an ideal tick list of what you may need in your birthing bag.

This list is useful whether you are planning a hospital birth, midwife led Centre birth, caesarean section or even a home birth. Having these items prepared and ready to go regardless of where they are used, will help you feel prepared and ready to take on your birthing day ❤

  1. For Mum:
    – Comfy clothes
    Those first post partum days expect that you will still look pregnant just with a much softer belly as your uterus contracts back down to its pre pregnancy state. Therefore clothes that are gentle on your stomach is something you will thank past you for! Similarly for Caesarean sections – post recovery can be uncomfortable and so you will want to aim for clothes that won’t rub against your scarring. So think loose, lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton.
    Easy access tops with buttons etc for those who are breastfeeding or pumping are also a good idea.
    – Slippers
    Whilst the wards are kept warm, you will need slippers for your feet for any trips to the bathroom etc.
    – Breast Pads
    Even if you choose not to breastfeed, your body will initially still produce colostrum and milk. There are disposable and reusable versions available from Boots, Pharmacies and online.
    – Post Partum Pads/ Underwear
    Similarly here, whether you’ve had a vaginal birth or caesarean section you will experience some blood loss. So stock up on your post partum pads (these are more likely nappies, in most cases your standard period pads will not be enough initially). There are disposable and reusable versions available from Boots, Pharmacies and online. Large comfy underwear is a MUST.
    – Snacks and Drinks
    Anything you feel may be useful during labour or afterwards. Typically packaged food works better as you don’t need to worry about it going ‘off’.
    – Wash Bag
    Toothbrush, flannel, tooth paste, hairbrush etc.
    – Small Pillow
    Especially for those who have planned a caesarean section. A small pillow to place over your scar when you are attempting to get out of bed, it will help with any discomfort.
    Similarly a cushion or pillow that you can lean against you to keep baby off your scar will be supremely beneficial. And also for the ride home, following birth this can be an uncomfortable experience with bumps and stops etc, so the extra padding will help soften the impact.
    – Birthing Aids
    Any aids you wish to use in labour, visual affirmations, music speakers etc.

For Baby:
– Clothing
Pack clothes appropriate for the season of babies birth. But typically you may want to include
2-3 vests
2-3 sleep suits
Pram suit to leave hospital
Mittens (if not already on sleepsuits)
Nappies (Newborn size 1)
Wipes or cotton balls
Bottles and formula if formula feeding
Car seat

For Birthing Partner:
– Snacks
-Phone Charger
– Copy of Birth Preferences
– Comfy Clothes
-Pillow (You may have the joy of sleeping in one of the hospital visitor chairs, you know the ones next to the bed – ouch).

Packing for hospital can feel overwhelming and all of a sudden make your labour become real. But it also means you’re one step closer to meeting your baby. However you are choosing to birth or what your preferences are -we’ve got you!