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Last year I wrote a blog and published on my website.


If you fancy reading it here is the link:

BRAIN/B.R.A.I.N. (newdawnwellbeinghub.co.uk)


Here is a little snippet of what’s included:


First let’s look at our Brain. I am not a medical professional, so my knowledge of the brain in depth is small. Any knowledge I have comes from high school and my training to become a Daisy Teacher and a Doula.

When I teach Antenatal Classes for The Daisy Foundation, I do talk a lot about our subconscious and muscle memory, as well as the Fear Tension Pain Theory (which I have written about in another blog).

When I was doing research for my Badass Doula course, part of it was about the Brain and something clocked consciously, something that has been there subconsciously.


Our Brain is amazing of course, but even more amazing is the important role it plays in childbirth.

I am not going to get all technical, as our Brain is so complex, but there are parts of our Brain that play a part and can impact on birth. Some parts more than others.

Birth is a primal instinct, that if left undisturbed happens. It is involuntary, from the need/want for movement (swaying motions all helping in the way it’s meant to) to the noise we make in labour (that noise that is so powerful and can be used to our advantage).

We don’t consciously say, “Okay, so I am going to do this and that, to help labour progress” and “I am going to scream and shout, as I have been told noise is powerful”. Do we???


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