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Due a baby in the Spring?

Share some wise words about due dates, how many weeks there might be left and promo your workshops and classes that will suit them before baby arrives!

/ The Daisy Foundation with Daisy Teacher

Having a baby in Stewarton

Write a fab introduction, link to the local services, tell people what other amazing services you offer!

yes, you can link to your own separate website if you offer complementing services.

Remember you are NOT PERMITTED to take bookings for Daisy classes and workshops via any means other than this subsite but do promote your other work and link to it – providing it is complementing and not competing in nature.

Add images and make it your own – this is your space to shine!

Try out the different format settings from the menu over on the right, see what they look like when you preview and see what you like – you can add images, videos – a gallery of images – let’s see what works really well when we see everyones sites come alive!

Sian Gilmartin
/ The Daisy Foundation with Daisy Teacher

Welcome to Daisy Stewarton, Fenwick & Dunlop

Begin by adding a profile image to say hi!
Keep it simple. To add click on ‘add media’ up there to the left.
When you add the image it should be set to thumbnail size and right alignment.
Then type in this section to add your 1st line or to to introduce yourself and the daisy area you cover.
Do not add any further images to this post – save them for your blogs/news articles.
Don’t jump around between different heading sizes if you want to highlight something use only one heading option and when you do – select the heading 4 option.

Heading 4

Write your Heroine’s Journey sales pitch here – this is what you would reply when someone asks you to tell you a little more about what you do!
After you have shared a little about why this work is important to you, what motivates you, what is your ‘why’ and how you would like to help them you can invite people to look at the My Classes section to find out How.
The format section menu over to the right there…… – leave that set as ‘Standard’
The Featured image will pick up your profile picture above, and show in your Google snippet you’ll see below.