Daisy Pregnancy and Birth Social

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A monthly gathering for expectant parents to help you explore your options, become informed, connect with others in the local community and prepare for a confident birth.

What makes Daisy Pregnancy & Birth Socials® so different?

When it comes to the early (or in fact any) stage of pregnancy, any number of emotions can overwhelm us: excitement, fear, anxiety, delight, uncertainty, confusion – and these may well be ever-changing! Daisy Pregnancy & Birth Socials help expectant parents connect with others at the same stage locally while you begin to explore your choices and options to prepare for a confident birth. This empowering step of your continuous perinatal support takes the best elements of informed education, confident choice and community and blends these together in a powerful social group that allows you to realise you have both a voice and a choice.

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“Daisy Birthing was hands down, the best decision I made during pregnancy! It prepared me in so many ways for labour and contributed to me being able to really enjoy being pregnant”

What do I need to know?

Enjoying an informed pregnancy, preparing for a confident birth and cutting through the overwhelm that can come from all the confusing information out there is a powerful step on this amazing 1001 day journey of continuous perinatal support to confident parenthood.

Who are socials for?

Daisy Pregnancy & Birth Socials are for all expectant parents, are suitable to attend at any point in your pregnancy and are designed to suit all pregnancy related conditions and birth plans with ease.

Socials are held monthly and can be attended at any time during pregnancy. Each social will be around 2 hours long and will focus on a new educational topic each month. To secure your place at each social you can book in to your local teachers event on their profile page.

Your Pregnancy & Birth Socials are Free!

Our unique social method draws on elements of informed choice, positive birth preparation, antenatal education and community to create one very powerful combination. From finding out more about your local birth choices, learning about everything from labour stages to gentle c-sections and informing your own individual choices – we’ve got you covered.

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