Daisy Newborn Calm & Care

A workshop for new families in the very early days to help you calm your baby, understand their cues, soothe any discomforts and care for their needs as you learn to understand your baby.

What makes Daisy Newborn Calm & Care® so different?

When it comes to early parenting we can feel like we are missing a key set of instructions for our new little baby! The Daisy Newborn Calm & Care workshop helps new parents learn to understand their own baby, their own unique needs and communication style. This powerful step of your continuous perinatal support takes the best elements of parenting classes, baby calming workshops and newborn education and wraps all of these together in a powerful workshop that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can understand your baby.

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“Daisy gave me the strength and encouragement to believe and trust in myself that as a young mama I was going to be ok and I was and forever will be stronger than I think”

What do I need to know?

Finding your way through the early days with your new baby can feel overwhelming, scary and definitely different! Learning how to read their cues, meet their needs and ease their discomfort is a powerful step on this amazing 1001 day journey of continuous perinatal support to confident parenting.

Who are classes for?

Daisy Newborn Calm & Care workshops are for new parents and their little one, are suitable to attend when baby is around 2-6 weeks old, and are perfect for all feeding and parenting choices.

Workshops are designed to be attended by new families during your baby’s first weeks and are 3 hours in length.

Your 3 hour workshop costs RRP £52 (£45-£60)

Our unique Newborn Calm & Care format draws on elements of baby care, parenting preparation, sleep advice and baby calming techniques to create one very powerful combination. From easing infant colic, learning calming holds, winding and safe sleep – we’ve got you covered.

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