Daisy Infant Feeding

A workshop for all those currently expecting a baby, either alone or with their partner to help understand your feeding choices, explore the broad spectrum of choices from the physiological breastfeeding/chestfeeding, through to human milk alternatives/formula feeding options – cut through the myths and challenges and prepare for your own confident feeding journey.

What makes Daisy Infant Feeding® so different?

When it comes to feeding your baby it seems everyone has an opinion or response, it’s such an emotive subject for many. Daisy helps expectant parents prepare for the confident feeding journey that is right for them. This fundamental step of your continuous perinatal support takes the best elements of breastfeeding workshops, infant feeding education and peer support and wraps all of these together in a powerful workshop that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can be prepared.

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“Daisy educated me so I felt much more informed when making choices”

What do I need to know?

Trusting your own informed decisions, being prepared to overcome any challenges and being confident in your own infant feeding choices is a fundamental step on this amazing 1001 day journey of continuous perinatal support to confident parenting.

Who are classes for?

Daisy Infant Feeding workshops are for all those preparing to feed their new baby, either alone or with their partner, are suitable to attend at any stage of pregnancy or the very early days with baby and are designed to support your informed and confident feeding choices.

Workshops are 2.5 hours long and are delivered both as part of the full Daisy Parent workshop series or are accessible as a stand-alone workshop.

Your 2.5 hour workshop costs RRP £37.50 (£32-£44)

Our unique Daisy Infant Feeding Workshop draws on the best of breastfeeding/infant feeding education, responsive bottle feeding knowledge and parent preparation to create one very powerful combination. From equipment to sterilisation, overcoming challenges to exploring other options and informing your own individual choices – we’ve got you covered.

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