Daisy Confident Mama Membership

3 reasons becoming a member might be for you

Available in the Daisy Mama Membership

Daisy Birthing


New Antenatal and Postnatal movement classes, Fourth Trimester and Wrigglers/Cruisers baby activities added regularly to meet the stage of our members.



New confident pregnancy, birth and postnatal guided hypnotic relaxations every month (and even some guided move with baby relaxations) ready to listen direct from the app!



Core confident birth education and a growing library of weekly educational content, unlimited #askdaisy support and Q&A’s added regularly – all with a great searchable # system!

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Tailored community support with groups facilitated by local area and stage of your journey – virtual education doesn’t need to be at the expense of making friends!

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Unlimited #askdaisy to ask the Daisy team of perinatal educators for help on anything related to your perinatal journey. Live Q&A’s, virtual cuppa get togethers and more!

Local Mama Circles

Be invited to join a local mama circle when you join, or perhaps even start a new local circle when you do! As soon as two or more people from a local area join – we’ll kick off a circle!

Daisy Mama Membership Now Open!


  • Weekly affirmations, podcasts or blogs direct to your app.
  • Regular positive vibes and pregnancy, birth and motherhood info.
  • Free use of the Daisy Mama music – the chilled out music we use in all our classes.
  • Free Pregnancy & Postnatal Relaxations.
  • Access the Confident Mama Collective blog, podcast and interviews.

Monthly Membership

  • Access to our core confident birth educational journey and positive touch with baby education from the moment you arrive in the membership!
  • Regular fresh educational content added to the membership hub supporting across the full 1001 Critical Days journey & beyond.
  • Regular Antenatal and Postnatal on-demand movement classes and relaxation audio’s.
  • Regular themes and activities for our Fourth Trimester and older babies.
  • Unlimited #askdaisy for support in your community groups!
  • Teamed up with your other local mama members – your virtual program doesn’t have to mean no new local mum friends (we’ll pop you into your new local mama circles!).
  • Regular lives, chats, Q&A’s, fun, virtual cuppa & cakes and probably tears too – we’ll be there for it all!

Join the Daisy Mama Membership Today

Enjoy a confident pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey with the Mama Membership from Daisy!

With plenty of free resources and a premium subscriber option to access unlimited support, education and community from the comfort of your own home – enjoy comprehensive antenatal and postnatal education, active birth classes, baby activities, education and community support!

With both desktop access and our Daisy Mama app for true accessibility, it’s never been easier to have support at your fingertips.
Become a member using our discount code DAISYMAMA15 via the desktop version and make the most of 15% off every single month!