Daisy Baby Tinies

A weekly postnatal class for all those who are physically recovering from birth and their baby in the ‘fourth trimester’ to help you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby.

What makes Daisy Baby Tinies® so different?

When it comes to the new days and weeks of the postnatal journey, any number of emotions can overwhelm us: Joy, anxiety, delight, fatigue, happiness, uncertainty, isolation or perhaps even low mood or challenging feelings. Daisy Baby Tinies helps all those who are physically navigating the postnatal journey to enjoy a safe and supported first few months with baby. This natural first step with baby on your continuous perinatal support journey takes the best elements of baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal yoga and mum & baby/new parent classes and support groups and wraps all of these together in a powerful 5 element model that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can figure it out together.

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In our uniquely integrated class for mum/postnatal birthing parents and baby you will practice gentle postnatal yoga based movements whilst simultaneously engaging in songs, rhythm, massage and yoga for your baby. This is an ideal way to gently engage with your body in the early days whilst enjoying time with your baby as you transition back to normal exercise methods. Rather than a traditional mum and baby yoga class where mum can work in isolation from baby, in your Daisy Baby class you will benefit from movement, core engagement, gentle stretches and awareness of posture whilst you focus on your baby. By incorporating this in to our class mums can benefit from relaxation and movement to reduce stress and depression, ease symptoms such as the physical effects of feeding and holding baby, improve tone of the pelvic floor, gently knit back together the abs and bring balance and alignment back in to the spine and body.

Daisy baby is unique in its methodology, offering the convenience of having multiple needs met in one multi-purpose class. Infant development education and demonstrations of techniques to calm, soothe, stimulate or respond to your baby are delivered effortlessly alongside the stretch, movement and relaxation for both of you. Over the course of your classes you will learn about the more common topics such as colic, reflux and calming methods, but Daisy takes this education one step further. You will learn evidence-based education in some of the more complex, often not touched on areas – for example weaning, sleeping and immunisations. All parenting choices and styles are discussed, with all being supported for a completely inclusive class. Educational themes will change weekly and will be age appropriate throughout the early fourth trimester stage of Tinies through to the developmental milestones of Wrigglers as you progress through the classes.

Daisy believes in positive touch and movement through massage and yoga being a natural activity between mum and baby rather than a formal routine to be completed. These methods of verbal and non-verbal communication help mum to understand baby’s behaviors, cries and language so that baby feels loved, valued and respected. Positive touch and movement between mum and baby helps nurture positive attachment, bonding, closeness and confidence to respond to your baby’s cues and needs.

By combining baby massage AND yoga babies enjoy greater benefit from some of the more practical techniques such as relief from colic, wind, constipation and teething discomfort to the longer term benefits such as secure attachment, reducing emotional distress, improved co-ordination, physical development, body awareness and brain development.

The transition to parenthood is a life changing experience that for some can prove challenging as you adopt to a new way of life. For many, Daisy classes are an opportunity to get out, meet other new parents, learn and share experiences and to ask questions. This element is fully supported by your Daisy teacher who has been though an extensive postnatal education training program. What makes Daisy unique is that we give this element of our classes’ real focus as we nurture the relationships and connections between each group via in class discussions, social time and our own social media community groups. From experience we know that Daisy Baby classes become a unique community of new friends, sharing with each other their own experiences, highs and lows, feelings and uncertainties. When we asked Daisy communities across the country to sum up Daisy Baby, in their words it is: ‘relaxing’, ‘inclusive’, ‘supportive’, ‘friendly’ and with ‘knowledgeable friendly teachers’. As our Tinies classes are focused on postnatal movement and emotional support after birth, these classes are solely for those who are physically postnatal and baby to attend, but as baby progresses to our Wrigglers classes co-parents, Grandparents and other carers are welcome to come along and enjoy spending time with baby too

In addition to the calming and soothing benefits of massage in each daisy class you will also learn an additional repertoire of calming and soothing techniques, which will become a tool kit for you to use anywhere when needed. With positive connection, awareness and understanding of your baby’s cues and your natural use of positive touch and movement you are able to respond to your baby’s needs long before they become distressed. Teachers will share with you methods of calming which respond to all of your baby’s senses and needs, allowing you to find the methods that are right for you and baby in any given moment. You will find these new skills valuable perhaps during evening bouts of colic, comforting fussy babies or to ease the impact of cluster feeding. They will often become firm favorites at bedtime as you help your baby ease off to sleep. For our little Tinies the re-creation of the rhythm, noise, comfort and security of the womb will help them in their transition from womb to room. For our older Wrigglers as their communication changes you will learn how to adapt these methods to suit their changing personality as they reach the different physical and mental developmental milestones.

“I started the course feeling fairly isolated and the odd mum out but at the end I felt so much more confident. I can’t wait to start Wrigglers!”

What do I need to know?

Enjoying a supported and safe fourth trimester with your new little baby as you figure it all out together amongst friends is the natural step for you and baby on this amazing 1001 day journey of continuous perinatal support to confident parenthood.

Classes are booked in blocks of 6 weeks at a time but are designed to carry you through from Tinies to Wrigglers to Cruisers, supporting you from around 6 weeks postnatal until baby is around 18 months. Tinies is for babies from 6 weeks to around 5 months. Each class is 1 hour long.

Your block of 6 classes costs RRP £48 (£36-£65)

Who are classes for?

Daisy Baby Tinies classes are for all those who are physically recovering from birth (postnatal) and their baby only, are suitable to attend from around 6 weeks after birth and are adapted to suit all postnatal related conditions, multiples and individual needs with ease.

Our unique fourth trimester postnatal and baby class draws on elements of baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal movement and baby care education to create one very powerful combination. From easing infant ailments, aiding their development, adapting to your postnatal body and easing in to your new role amongst friends – we’ve got you covered.

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