Daisy at Home

Sometimes it’s just not possible to access Daisy classes locally – perhaps there isn’t a teacher nearby or the location or timetable just isn’t practical for you. Daisy At Home allows you to access Daisy’s continuous perinatal support journey from home.

What makes Daisy at Home® so different?

When it comes to early (or in fact any) stage of motherhood, any number of emotions can overwhelm us: confusion, joy, uncertainty, happiness, anxiety, Isolation, loneliness – and sometimes all at the same time!  Daisy-At-Home helps mums who can’t access a class locally enjoy the sense of community, connection and safety that Daisy prides itself on. This continuous perinatal support from home allows you to access your weekly Daisy Birthing class in pregnancy and Daisy Mama class postnatally, while being supported by your Daisy Teacher and community, giving you the confidence that comes from realising that you can.

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“Daisy helped normalise what I was experiencing during my pregnancy, it provides and continues to provide a sense of community.”

What do I need to know?

Enjoying a positive pregnancy, preparing for your confident birth and finding your own way with your baby in the early months and years is so much easier when you have your community to share it with. Sometimes accessing the support you need locally is challenging but Daisy’s got you covered on this 1001 day journey of continuous perinatal support to confident motherhood.

Who are classes for?

Daisy-At-Home sessions are for both expecting and new mums and are suitable to attend from 14 weeks pregnant right up until baby’s 2nd Birthday. Perhaps you don’t have a teacher locally or can’t access their timetable or venue, or have a unique set of circumstances that make attending from home easier – in these cases attending from home might just be perfect for you. You will need a good internet connection and device you are able to access your live classes on which has a camera/webcam in place.

Daisy-At-Home is designed to carry you through from pregnancy right up until your baby’s 2nd Birthday with your online provision of weekly classes and support. Weekly Daisy Birthing and Daisy Mama classes are attended in just the same way as you would in person, with your teacher and group taking part together – but from your own home. When you join the Daisy-At-Home community you become a member, accessing your live class each week with education and community wrap around support from any time beyond 14 weeks pregnant until baby is 2 years old.

Daisy-At-Home is booked and attended in terms just like normal classes.

Our unique Daisy-At-Home method allows you to access the powerful education and support Daisy is known for but from right in your own home. In-person classes with your local community are always the ideal but we recognise that sometimes that just isn’t possible – when you want to access the education and support but need it from home – we’ve got you covered. You will book in for your scheduled live weekly class with your group (classes are still a maximum of 12 and your teacher can see you/chat with you – no pre-recorded classes here!) and receive wrap around support and education in the safety of your private community group.

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