Keeping our communities up to date on the most recent news relating to the Coronavirus and our response.

The journey from pregnancy through to toddlerhood is often one filled with uncertainty and new challenges, and we are very aware at Daisy just how our current health climate may impact you.

We know that the situation and guidance is changing daily, and we are taking our response very seriously, believing we all have a duty to be a part of the solution.

This page will be kept up to date with any changes in policy as and when the guidance changes.

To access the most up to date information:

NHS – Coronavirus

Information for pregnant women and their families from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Royal College of Midwives and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Department of Health & Social Care – for updated Government policy, response and information on self-isolation.

UK Wide Summary – 5th January 2021

As at 4th January 2021 we can confirm that as a result of the announcements from both the Scottish and English Governments that no Daisy classes are now permitted to be run in person due to government guidance and restrictions in law. Teachers where possible may offer online alternatives.

UK Wide Summary – 30th December 2020

As at 30th December 2020 the current guidance is in place across the UK in relation to the delivery of your Daisy classes and workshops:

Scotland – No in person classes or workshops are permitted to run in T4 areas. In T3 areas our workshops and baby classes are still permitted to run in person, with some delivery of our Daisy Birthing classes where local approval has been given.
Wales – All classes and workshops may be delivered in Tier 3 areas, in Tier 4 areas no in person classes or workshops are permitted.
N.I – From Boxing Day for a period of 6 weeks (followed by review) no in person delivery is permitted.
England – In Tier 3 and 4 areas only baby classes are permitted to run in person (exclusion 14 of regulations).

During the current covid response – all Daisy Local Educators may choose at any time to deliver planned classes or workshops in our online format rather than in-person, regardless of regional Tier restrictions at the time. Classes and workshops may be marketed online from the outset or as ‘in-person unless we need to be online’- in either case the maximum permitted guidance shared here does not restrict the local Daisy Teachers right to or need to move their classes online at any time during the current covid response. This decision may be made due to any number of factors such as (but not limited to): local infection rates, personal health, family health, venue restrictions, school closures, self-isolation, professional or personal choice. In this case, providing online classes and workshops replace the in-person offering – no refunds will be offered.

New National Restrictions in England from December 2nd

From the 2nd of December England moves into a new version of the Tier restrictions framework (Find out what tier your area is in here – POSTCODE CHECK). From that date, the restrictions for Tier 3 areas do not permit us to offer in person Daisy Birthing, Daisy Mama, or any of our workshop ranges. We are permitted to continue to offer in person Daisy Baby classes only in these areas.

So with that in mind, from the 2nd of December (unless there are any changes to the legislation and/or duration) all Daisy classes and workshops within Tier 3 areas in England will not be held in-person, with the exclusion of Daisy Baby Tinies, Wrigglers and Cruisers – and will where possible revert back to online delivery.

We are delighted to be able to continue offering all services in T1 and T2 areas and to continue our singing activities in our baby classes by adhering to the latest guidance – Safer Singing

New National Restrictions in England from November 5th

On the 3rd of November the new legislation was laid before parliament relating to the new national restrictions coming in to force in England on the 5th of November (stated as being in place until Wednesday the 2nd of December). You can see the full documentation here:

Government Guidance
The Legislation

Normally ‘Lockdown’ is clean cut, and we all know exactly where we stand – or rather that ‘we should all stay at home’ – this time, certainly in the field of parent and child activities – it all got a bit confusing for some (if you know, you know!)

At Daisy we place the health and wellbeing of our communities at the heart of everything we do – your wellbeing is why we do what we do!

So with that in mind, from Thursday the 5th November through until the 2nd of December (unless there are any changes to the legislation and/or duration) all Daisy classes and workshops within England without exception will not be held in-person – and will where possible revert back to online delivery.

You may see other providers continuing with their classes locally, and it’s understandable how this could be confusing. You may have some who are Ofsted registered early years providers, or who perhaps are delivering support groups. In our area of work examples of support groups may be for Perinatal Mental Health, Breastfeeding Support,  or perhaps support groups for families experiencing bereavement or medical challenges with their new babies. We appreciate it is also confusing when we see ‘parent and child groups’ listed within the support groups category.

Daisy prioritises public health, the health and wellbeing of our communities and the safety of our teachers above all else, and as such we would never claim our classes to be something they are not, or interpret the guidance in such a way as to place our communities at risk.

Are Daisy classes supportive – hell yes! Are they a support group? No.

Are Daisy classes the highlight of your week and have made your motherhood journey so much easier? Quite likely – but are they an essential activity? No.

Does inviting you to come to an in-person class encourage you to ignore the guidance to minimise your time spent outside your home? Yes.

Do you need to be there in person? No – we set an incredible precedent during the first lockdown in our ability to deliver our classes online.

If you are booked to attend a Daisy class or workshop during this time, your Daisy Local teacher will be in touch with you to let you know any changes of plans.

Fortunately at Daisy we have been prepared every step of the way, adapting to online without skipping a beat at the first lockdown, quickly adapting our Terms and Conditions so that all our clients knew where they stood in every eventuality – and of course ensuring that when we got back in-person we were Covid-secure and had plans in place for all scenarios whether that be self-isolation for the teacher, for the client or even regional or national restrictions.

It’s been so comforting to know we had plans in place – obviously hoping we wouldn’t be back in lockdown – but knowing we were prepared should we find ourselves back here none the less.

I’m so grateful that we are able to continue delivering your classes and workshops in this way, and that our agreement with each other means we can continue to work together to ensure you have the confident journey you deserve – no matter what our current lockdown status may be.

Go Easy,






Our return to in-person classes 

From the 1st of September The Daisy Foundation teaching network begins its return to a blended delivery model of both in-person and online in many areas.

In order to return to in-person classes we are implementing a new Customer Charter.

COVID-19 Customer Charter

At Daisy we are excited to return to in-person classes. The health and safety of our clients and teachers is paramount. We aim to balance government guidance around the safe, welcoming and nurturing ethos of our classes. To keep you safe, we pledge to do the following:

  • Only to deliver in-person classes and workshops with approval of our safety measures by our organisational lead and the local authority environmental health department where possible, and to ensure any and all changes to local/regional guidance measures are acted upon as a matter of urgency.
  • Only permit pre-booked clients to enter class to ensure we have the relevant contact details and updated medical questionnaire for all participants and can limit numbers to ensure social distancing measures can be honoured.
  • Ensure all clients are spaced 2 metres apart.
  • Space classes out to allow for adequate cleaning between groups.
  • Clean all hard surfaces between classes.
  • Sanitise all equipment between classes.
  • Sanitise hands at the beginning and end of every class.
  • Maintain 2 metres social distancing at all times.
  • Ensure a regular cleaning regime for high traffic areas (door handles, bathrooms, hallways).
  • Ask you to bring your own equipment for classes (mats/blanket etc).
  • Offer you pre-sanitised baby toys for your own use in Daisy Baby Wrigglers and Cruisers classes.
  • Ensure your ‘home-base’ socially distant area is clearly marked in all Daisy Baby classes.
  • Provide hand sanitiser and ensure hand washing facilities are accessible from all classes.
  • Teach in person only where teachers and their households are free of any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Follow guidance for ventilation within teaching environments, leaving windows open.
  • Follow guidance where required for the wearing of face masks in common areas of venues and ensure all changes to guidelines are adhered to. We are adopting a policy of ‘Wear your mask till you reach your mat’ as a minimum.
  • Make any appropriate amendments to class content so as to minimise risk, including but not limited to singing in baby classes.

In return we would ask that our clients help us to maintain this safe environment by following the guidelines below:

  • Do not come to class if you (or your baby) has had any symptoms of Covid-19 (you must follow government guidance to self-isolate).
  • Respect the guidance in relation to the wearing of face masks whenever and wherever they are required, or it is possible. We ask to you to adopt a ‘wear the mask until you reach the mat’ approach as a minimum where possible and respect the guidance for your UK region.
  • Sanitise your hands upon arrival and leaving class – there will be sanitiser available.
  • Exercise patience upon arrival and departure to avoid congestion around doorways and common areas – respecting others and adhering to the 2 metres social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • Arrive on time (and leave promptly) for your class to allow for the increased cleansing time between classes to take place.
  • Bring any equipment to class that your teacher has suggested in your welcome email for your specific class – this may include yoga mat, cushion or your baby’s favourite instrument or rattle etc.
  • Adopt the ‘catch it and bin it’ method for all coughs and sneezes – and ensuring all soiled tissues, nappies, wet-wipes or other waste is collected and disposed of at home.
  • Understand that we may need to make small alterations to sections of class if we believe it to minimise the risk – this may impact singing in class, babies touching the book in wrigglers and cruisers etc.

By committing to this charter, and asking you to follow it too, we can relax and enjoy being back at in-person classes and enjoying the Daisy Magic as safely as we possibly can!

Daisy’s top priority is helping all of our communities to stay safe – but that being said, pandemic or not – our absolute priority is providing a safe space in which expectant and new mums/families can be assured of informed education, unconditional support and community. It is our responsibility to ensure that this service is continued for you and all Daisy Teachers have strategies in place to support continued service.

We understand how lonely and confusing it can be under normal circumstances throughout pregnancy, birth and the early parenting days – we will absolutely be here for you to help you stay connected, supported and to access the education Daisy excels at.