A Calm and Empowered Birth: Marie and Eden’s Story

Marie enjoyed a calm and empowered birth after attending Daisy Birthing classes in Derbyshire with Katie Halliwell.  Here, she shares her wonderful birth story…

“Anyone who knows me will know that the thought of carrying a child and giving birth was somewhat terrifying.  So you can imagine my surprise when one June morning, after an adventure holiday with friends had led me to believe I may pregnant, a test came back positive (along with three others!!).

As a theorist, I started on my mission to use this as an opportunity to learn.  Through my research, I came across Daisy Birthing and Katie Halliwell.

Daisy was offering the support to have a positive birthing experience, but provided the tools for a natural experience to cope with the different stages of labour.  This was unique in a minefield of information.  I knew I wanted to treat the birth of our baby as a natural experience – which was ironic as before I fell pregnant I felt it the most unnatural of states for me to be in!

I walked nervously into my first Daisy class and knew instantly it was meant for me.  Katie was super nice and so knowledgeable and passionate I just knew I was in the right place.

The term simplified the birthing experience and empowered me to make some brave choices to give birth to my first at a midwife unit.  A home birth was also a possibility but for my first baby, my husband and I decided against it.  It was the support of Daisy that empowered that decision and gave me confidence to explain to worried family that a hospital was not my first choice of birth location.

The fears of birth were stripped away one by one.  I was equipped with the tools I needed to go into labour: safe in the knowledge that no matter what the outcome I was birthing our baby positively.

Shortly after 1am on the 25th January (my due date), my labour started.  On the 26th January at 1:05am, I breathed our son into the world.

I say ‘breathed’ as this is what I did.  Using the tools of Daisy and my yoga knowledge, I stayed in a calm and positive state and trusted that my body knew how to birth our baby.  Through understanding the different stages, I gave birth without any pain relief into water in a squat position.  I then held our son for 40 minutes whilst the cord pulsed for him.  It was the most wonderful magical experience of my life and one I will never forget.

I could write so much more about the whole birth and I will happily if any one wants to read or listen!

I know this sounds ideal and it was perfect and as my birthing preferences outlined.  However what I hadn’t planned was losing a litre of blood (post partum haemorrhage).  Despite feeling fine, as a precaution I was transferred to hospital and our son was then admitting to the NCIU as he was struggling to breath.  The cord time had proved to be life saver in so many ways as was my precaution transfer.  We remained in hospital for a week and whilst he was treated for a possible infection that never was, I expressed his milk whilst he was on oxygen in a ventilator.

None of this formed part of the plan, but it proved where nature and medicine compliment themselves.

The whole experience not just some parts were positive and I look back now in awe of the whole thing.

Without the knowledge and support of Daisy (Katie) I would not have had the tools needed to be empowered to follow the natural path, and the ability to embrace the clinical parts a positive as well.

I will remain forever humbled and grateful and in awe of what I (and women) are capable of achieving.

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius”

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story Marie.  To find your local class, head to  https://thedaisyfoundation.com/find-a-class/